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The Question Page

When I arrived at PCC for the first time four years ago, I can still remember wandering around campus looking for the Academic Center. I must have looked lost because a nice girl spontaneously came to my rescue.

She pointed me in the right direction, but I got lost again two minutes later. Finally, I decided to just sit on a bench for a while to admire the palm trees. I wasn't used to so many people.

I hadn’t talked to anyone from the college besides my advisor. I didn’t know anyone. I didn’t know where anything was. I ate at the Palms Grille my first evening, thinking it was the only place where all the students ate.

Four years later, I’m anticipating graduation in less than a month. Some parts of college went quickly. Others seemed to go more slowly. Now I’m finally here. There were things I was wondering when I first arrived at PCC though. Things a lot of graduating high school students might wonder about PCC.

What kinds of activities are the different collegians involved in?

What’s a collegian?

What should I expect in class?

How should I study?

And, most importantly, do they have coffee there?

This is about the time of year when senior high school students really begin to wonder where they’re going to attend college. If you know you’re going to attend PCC, you may have questions about life at the college.

This is your opportunity to ask in the comments section below. You can ask about anything from what was for lunch today in the Four Winds to where the places to study on campus are. You can even ask about the best route to take from the Ballard residence hall to the Crowne Centre.

Four years ago, there was no blog for me to ask questions on. Now there is for you! Take advantage of it!

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