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Olde County Fair Tyme

Green grass, blue skies, cold lemonade, juicy watermelon--sounds like the perfect summer picnic, huh?

Actually, we had all of those things at Pensacola Christian College's Olde County Fair.  The fair was held on College Field, officially kicking off after Wednesday morning classes.  After bidding adieu to my Shakespeare teacher, I wandered over to College Field to check out it all out.

Students greeted me, calling for me to come get my food and my drink.  As any typical college guy, I was eager to get my boxed lunch.

As I began to walk through the fairground, I noticed that many of the booths were being manned by college students who were roleplaying as, well, old county fair employees.  Some of them wore big plaid dresses and others wore overalls.  Either way, they succeeded in adding an old county flair to the old county fair.  (See what I did there?)

I passed lemonade stands, Frisbee tossers, and hula-hoop vendors.  As I meandered through the crowd of college students--most of them were sprawling blankets out on the grass to enjoy their picnic--I caught a whiff of something delicious, something tasty, something . . . doughy.

Yes.  Fried dough.  Or funnel cakes.  Whatever you want to call them, they are good.  In fact, they're so good that I decided to camp out beside one of the funnel cake stations for quite a while.  Hot dough smothered in powdered sugar?  Absolutely great.  And when I got thirsty from all the sugary goodness, I only needed to take a few steps over to the watermelon station or the lemonade stand.

Anyway, after I finished my fourth second funnel cake, I began to walk around the fair ground once more.  I ran into a lot of my friends and enjoyed a brief time of talking and relaxing.  The realization hit me that I had no classes for the next few days, and I think the realization had hit everyone else as well.  The County Fair was a great way to pull us college students away from an academic mindset.  After midterms, we were all pretty tired and burned out--so the break from class and schoolwork was a much needed reprieve.

What better way is there to refresh a bunch of tired kids than to give them lemonade, watermelon, sunshine, and fellowship?  And let's not forget the funnel cakes.

Refreshed, replenished, and recharged, I left the fair ready for a great Bible Conference.  Now . . . if only there was a way to get a funnel cake stand in the Four Winds . . .

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