Future Students

For High Schoolers

This one is especially for the high schoolers out there.

I loved high school. For some reason it seems to be associated with energy drinks and fast food. I loved the energy. I loved the friends. I also loved graduating. Four years later, here I am graduating from college and preparing for another four years of school. Wow, that makes me sound old. Trust me, young whippersnappers, it goes fast.

If any of you are anything like I was in high school (and the way most of my friends were), you probably feel like graduation and college are centuries away. This weekend is probably as far into the future as you can see (I’ve felt like that before). Some of you are probably already looking for the right college. Some of you may even be deciding whether to attend college at all or what area of study you should major in.

These are huge decisions that will affect the rest of your life. I’m about to present a great opportunity, so try to look past what you’re planning on doing this weekend, and think about this opportunity. Don’t worry: bowling, rock climbing, and ice skating are involved.

On March 29-30 and April 12-13, Pensacola Christian College is holding what’s called College Days. This is your opportunity to find out more about the classes, opportunities, majors, and activities that PCC has to offer. You can get to know the students, visit classes, and use the Sports Center (where you’ll find more than just bowling, rock climbing, and ice skating).

You may be thinking that this costs a fortune. I think you’ll be surprised. My buddy, Justin, gives more info about College Days in his post Ten Dollar Tuition. Just click on the title and learn more. You can also check out Christopher's post All This for 10 Dollars? as he relates his College Days experience.

Trust me, you don’t want to miss out.

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