Seeking Service

Recently, at PCC's annual Recruitment, dozens of ministries visited campus seeking to employ graduating students. Most positions available are for teachers; however, other professional jobs are also offered. Although I could not visit all the ministries, I enjoyed meeting administrators from around the country (and the world).

Entering college, it is easy to wonder what your chances are of finding a job in today's competitive economy. Many students find employment through Recruitment, and others make good contacts for the future. Some of my senior friends who already have post-graduation plans enjoyed simply being introduced to and learning about the variety of ministries.

The remarkable part of seeing so many opportunities is realizing that they all have the same underlying goal: training children from a Biblical worldview. A few of the administrators I was personally able to speak with represented schools from Indiana to Florida, from Peru to Saipan! Recruitment is just one of the exciting ways in which graduating students can discover where God would have them serve.

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