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Honoring Dr. and Mrs. Horton

Dr. Horton, PCC’s Founder and President, recently announced that he and Mrs. Horton will begin their retirement the day after Convocation in May.

To celebrate God’s blessing through the lives of Dr. and Mrs. Horton, activities are planned to honor what the Lord has done the past 60 years. Special programs and presentations during the semester will highlight the history of Pensacola Christian and express thankfulness for what God has accomplished through two faithful and dedicated people.

Perhaps you can’t be here personally, but you would like to send your greeting to Dr. and Mrs. Horton or share a memory about how you have been blessed.  Submit your comment below, and a collection of the best comments we receive will be posted and shared with others.  Your kindness will be a great blessing to Dr. and Mrs. Horton!

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