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Water, Water Everywhere

You’re sitting on your bed, bored out of your mind. You think there is absolutely nothing to do. You could be studious and start your homework but why bother because you have the entire weekend to get it done.  One Friday evening, this described me. Well the things to do on campus are limitless. My roommates were planning on going to the water park in the Sports Center, so my roommate Lizzy decided to drag me along.

When we got to the water park, it was very quiet because only the Flow Rider was on. We were asked what we wanted turned on, whether just the Flow Rider, the water slides, or the whole works. We chose the whole works to make our adventure even more fun.

We stowed our stuff in the locker room and raced for the stairs. I kept my distance from the enclosed blue water slide. I am terrified of enclosed spaces, especially when moving through them. I stuck to the safe green slide, which was open. Sliding quickly through the water, we took turns going down the slide.

Our other roommate Paige, who joined us later, was the adventurous one—she took on the blue water slide. To Lizzy and me it was menacing, while to Paige it was thrilling.

In addition to the water slides, there is a large dumping bucket that fills up with water and dumps it on whoever is brave enough to stand below it. Whenever we were near the bucket when it was about to dump, Lizzy always ran away. One time when it was precariously balancing at the top, I grabbed her and held her where the water would crash to the ground. She tried to escape but failed miserably. We were drenched in seconds.

We moved on to the Flow Rider, which is an indoor wave that you can boogie board or surf on. Lizzy refused to get on the Flow Rider until I guilt-tripped her into trying it. The assistant gave her tips of how to get on and stay on the board while on the water. Lizzy got out there and had fun. After a while, we switched places, and I performed.

Over 600 gallons of water flow over the Flow Rider per second. When Paige was on the Flow Rider, she was zipping all over the place until she flipped over. The force of the water sent her up and over the top. Not much later, I did the same thing but that's okay because it was totally awesome!

We played around on the fountains and water guns for a while. Then I got spunky one more time. I grabbed Lizzy and pulled her under the dumping bucket again, while she was screaming for me to let go. Paige just stood back laughing while we were getting soaked.

Finally, after splashing around for a little longer, we went to the locker rooms, dried off, and headed back to our room exhausted. After enjoying spending the evening with both of my roommates, I was glad that I decided to go and enjoy myself.

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