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God gave many of us the privilege of working on campus over the interterm. Being on campus over break is a unique, special experience. As a senior I thought, “I guess I have made all the friends I’m going to.” Over interterm, God showed me how wrong my thinking was. I met many more people than I ever imagined I could.

Not only did I have the opportunity to make new friends, but I also had time to get reacquainted with people I hadn’t seen in a while. I had the opportunity to spend time with friends without worrying about rushing off to a class, studying, or doing homework.

Since our Christmas break is longer than average, roughly five weeks, many students are able to save money by getting a job. Although most students stay at home all of break, PCC provides the opportunity for students to work on campus for a few weeks if they want to. Also, students are given the chance to come and take a class to help lighten their load, make room to take an elective, or catch up on some credits.

You may find yourself asking, “What happens on campus over interterm?” Well, just because the students leave, that does not mean that the campus shuts down. Every area of campus is filled with things to do. The faculty and staff are busy getting prepared for the beginning of the spring semester.

I prayed that God would place me in a job where I could be a blessing and benefit to others as well as gain knowledgeable experience in my field of study. God answered my prayer by placing me in the secretarial office on campus. As an Office Administration major, this was a major blessing. It gave me more experience I needed to venture into the business world. I have the opportunity this semester to continue working in the secretarial office to learn even more.

The secretarial office takes care of projects for all the aspects of Pensacola Christian College. We do things for the college, Pensacola Christian Academy, A Beka Book, A Beka Academy, Rejoice in the Lord, and many other areas. Not only do we complete the projects, but we also make deliveries and pick-ups for the various jobs on campus. That means I got to drive a car—Totally Awesome!! Going driving allows me to get a break from the computer.

When the offices are closed, the regular day is far from over. There is still plenty of time for friends. I met up with friends for dinner each night and enjoyed fellowshipping with them. I especially liked being able to linger over coffee or tea and talk. Throughout the evening, some people chose to go to the Sports Center or the Commons while they were open. Most of my time was spent in the residence halls with friends reading, talking, and sometimes even playing games.

I was also given the chance to spend some time off campus. A former teacher invited me over to her house and told me that I could invite a friend. We enjoyed a wonderful time of fellowship over a delicious meal. Another time, my suitemate and I walked off to the store. It was a beautiful day, and we didn't want to spend it indoors.

Looking back, I’m glad I took the opportunity I was given. God allowed me to get more experience in my field while having fun with friends at the same time. I encourage that others to take this opportunity as well—it’s great.

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