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Make It a Double

What gives me a smile? What is it that makes me excited to jump out of bed in the morning? What is it that makes me take a deep breath and embrace the sunshine when I walk out of the residence hall for the first time of the day?


Coffee. Ah, that magical elixir that creates bliss in the belly that bubbles to the rest of the body and seems to diffuse into the rest of nature. The brewing sends a sweet-smelling savor to the nostrils and initiates salivation. Coffee. Coffeeeeeeee...

I love coffee. I simply don't understand people that don't appreciate coffee. My fellow blogger, Justin, has the misfortune of disliking it. Don't read his blogs.

What in the world would I do without coffee? Die. Well, I probably wouldn't die, but I would definitely be a sorrowful, lethargic wretch with bags under my eyes. Thankfully, I don't need to spend extra gas money to leave the campus when it's that special time for a fresh cup. There's a very special place right here. A place I love dropping by to pick up a double shot white chocolate mocha on special occasions.

The Palms Grille.

It's PCC's own on-campus restaurant. Of course, you can get more than just coffee there. You can get all kinds of food (including pizza), but coffee is the one thing to which I'm especially attached. When you and your roommates or friends are swamped with studying or projects, you can always order a pizza from the Palms that will be delivered right to your room. It's also a great place to spend with that special someone. I took my special someone there many times, and now we're getting married in July (Disclaimer: Please do not believe that the Palms Grille spontaneously generates life-time romantic relationships, though it is a place where relationships can develop). It's a great place to hang out with friends, to study, and to dine. Just in case I haven't mentioned, they also have some great coffee.


I highly recommend a double shot white chocolate mocha.

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