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Stand for Your Greek Army!

The quake of the earth as thousands of men give their battle cries--the resounding clang of spears and swords--the crashing of chariots and neighing of horses as their pilots drive them to war-- I’ve had so much fun with all of these things rushing through my head while I read Homer’s The Iliad. Thankfully, there’s not a bunch of violent battles here at PCC, but the energy and “Greekness” in these stories remind me of something else that you can experience at the college--

The bite of the crisp spring air on your cheeks as you run for a touchdown--the squeak of shoes on the basketball or volleyball court as you shoot a three pointer or set for a spike--the sound of broom hockey sticks on the ice as you hustle for the ball in the ice rink while your collegian cheers you on-- All for those three Greek letters—the letters that represent the collegian for whom you compete. The letters that represent you.

Keeping busy with much more physically taxing activities, such as genetics, cell biology, and physics, I’ve neglected playing very many sports for my collegian (the ΒΨΔ Jaguars!) until now. I just realized how much I missed playing sports like I used to in high school, but I had never really played volleyball, flag football, or broom hockey. This semester I finally stepped out of my comfort zone of familiar sports and decided to try playing volleyball for my collegian. I’ll be the first to tell you I’m not an amazing volleyball player. Probably the best thing I’ve done was stopping a spike with my face—right back onto our side. You would have mistaken my face for Quasimodo twenty minutes later.

Despite my phenomenal blocking abilities, I’ve had a lot of fun. I wish I had played more when I first came to PCC, but it’s not too late for any upperclassmen that haven’t tried yet! Maybe you feel like you’re not much of a sports person, but who knows? You could be completely missing out on something you might love doing! Besides, you don’t necessarily have to be an amazing player to play. Volleyball is definitely not my best sport, but I enjoy those precious moments I actually get the ball over the net. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a little about my terrible volleyball skills (or maybe not), but step out of your comfort zone a little! Try something new. You won’t be in college forever. If you’re already good at these sports and haven’t tried playing yet, then get out there and win for your collegian!

If you’re an incoming student, here’s a little info on how collegian sports work: Collegians compose different teams with their members to compete in a variety of sports, such as flag football, volleyball, basketball, or broom hockey. Members can also compete in track and field, tennis, or swimming. Sometimes there are tryouts, and sometimes any member is free to play. There are all kinds of activities for collegians to display their athletic capabilities. I was even able to compete with several guys from my collegian in a walleyball tournament!

Feel free to comment or to ask any questions in the Comments section below. Have fun!

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