The Class That Doesn’t Matter

I love my major. Call me strange, but I love understanding chemical mechanisms, studying genetics, and learning about molecular biology. Yes, I know how exciting that sounds to most people, but I love it! Sometimes when I’m studying for a class, I’ll get distracted by my fascination with the topic and research more about it, putting the actual information that would be covered on the test on hold. When I’m in a science class, I feel most at home, and I’m sure many students are the same way about their field of study, though there’s nothing that could possibly be more interesting than chemistry (just kidding). That’s why I felt slightly irked when I first realized that I had to take a class that I felt was completely irrelevant.

Marriage and Family Education? I want to learn about math, science, and physics, not about marriage and raising a family! I was immediately prejudiced about the class. If it wasn’t directly related to my major, it wasn’t important. Before the semester began, I already had a subconscious resentment for the class.

And then the semester began. After the class met several times, something profound dawned on me--this stuff was actually kind of interesting. Without really realizing it, I had thought the class would just be about saying “please” and “thank you,” but we actually started at the very beginning with the Bible. Mr. Carlson, the teacher, gave various examples of husbands and wives, such as Adam and Eve, Elkanah and Hannah, and Ahab and Jezebel. Throughout the introduction, the importance of this topic dawned on me. I had been focusing on my future career, which is incredibly important, but my family ought to come first. No, I don’t have a family yet, but the principles we’ve been learning have taught me so much about maintaining a godly marriage. While the divorce rates in the world are rising, we have the advantage of learning how the Author of marriage intended it to be.

This class completely changed my view of classes that seem unrelated to my major. Just because it may seem irrelevant, every class you take has a purpose. I remember freshman year when I felt that I shouldn’t need to take English again. I graduated from high school! Besides, I’m a math and science guy. I don’t need English. Now that I’m looking back, I laugh at myself. I wish I could take it again! I thought I didn’t need speech class either, but now I realize that it has helped me so much. There’s so much valuable information in these classes that I’ll be using for the rest of my life. These classes can become relevant to any area of study you choose. Take advantage of them!

Now, I’m excited to take Interpersonal Relationships next semester. Okay, maybe I’m a little more excited to take Biochemistry, but I definitely will have an open mind this time. Whether you’re in high school or a freshman, sophomore, junior, or even a senior in college, soak in every class you’re taking. Don’t miss anything!

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