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White Glove Tips and Tricks

A few times every semester we have what is called white glove. It is when everyone cleans his own room so cleanly that you could take a white glove over any surface and it would still be white!

White glove is an awesome time to get together as a room and clean things up a bit that probably did not get cleaned over midterms/finals. It is a time when you can learn to work together as a room and have fun while cleaning together. My room last year listened to Christmas music and sang along while we cleaned! And in the end, you have a wonderfully clean room to come back to! 🙂

Our next white glove is just aroud the corner--it is only a week and a half away! It is on Friday, November 11th, so...

Here are some tips to help you make white glove a successful breeze:

#1: Get involved! White glove always goes better when everyone in the room is helping and getting involved.

#2: Split up the room! Talk things over with your roommates and decide who is going to clean what. Doing this will help things to go faster, and then you will not miss anything or “re-do” something that has already been done. 🙂

#3: Don’t mix chemicals when cleaning the shower! If you mix them you will have residue from the chemicals reacting to each other.  I have actually found that just plain ole washing detergent does a really good job of cleaning the shower. Also… for white glove, the shower curtain needs to be washed too!

#4: Save dusting till AFTER you vacuum! When you vacuum, lots of dust gets stirred up in the air and lands everywhere.  So vacuuming first helps to save you from having to dust twice. 🙂

#5: Go over the bathroom floors with a semi-wet paper towel before you scrub it to help to pick up the hair. This will make scrubbing much easier and will also help speed things up.

#6: Use a wet paper towel to clean the baseboards. The water will pick up and trap more dust so that it is not just spread around the room.

#7: Make sure that your drawers are free of dust, small particles, and that they can be opened easily! This is easily done by wiping them down with a damp rag.

#8: Don’t forget to wash the “bellybutton” (aka. the overflow drain) of the sink –this is the most common place that is missed during white glove.

#9: Finish off the bathroom by wiping everything down with Windex to give it a beautiful shiny appearance!

#10: Don’t forget to wipe down the blinds and the windowsills!

Common misconceptions about white glove:

  • You do not have to iron your sheets.
  • The ceiling does not have to be dusted! The vents do, but please don’t try to hang off your bed and dust the middle of the ceiling! 🙂
  • Your clothes do not all have to be perfectly folded in the drawers; however, the drawers do need to be clean and easy to open.
  • Leaving candy for the RA (Resident’s Assistant) does not help… however it is appreciated 🙂

Have a great white glove!

Fellow students, if there is another tip that you have and want to share please feel free to leave it in the comments section! Thanks 🙂

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