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Freshmen Teaching the Seniors?

I am so excited, and I just have to tell all of you faithful Campus Post blog-readers out there why! I am finally a senior! I know, maybe you don’t think that is very exciting, but it is for me. Lest you become worried though, I am not writing a blog about how great it is to be a senior. I just wanted to preface this blog post with the fact that I have been here 3 (and a quarter) years now, and sometimes it becomes very easy to take for granted the fact that I am getting a wonderful, Bible-based, Christ-centered education. However, a couple of weeks ago I was reminded by an unlikely group of students of how blessed I truly am.

Earlier this month I attended the outing for my collegian. We had a great time playing laser tag and eating pizza in the Commons. After some intense fun (and even more intense eating), all of us girls gathered together to share testimonies of what God has been doing in our lives. It was great to hear how God had answered prayers over the summer and provided in miraculous ways. There were a couple of testimonies that really stood out to me, though. A couple of freshmen in my collegian shared how grateful they were for the opportunity to be at Pensacola Christian College. One of the girls said that she has to pinch herself at least once a week to remind herself that she really was here. Another expressed that being able to attend PCC was like a dream come true for her. One other girl stated something that really hit me. She said that she was thankful for the atmosphere at PCC. She could not believe how different PCC was from her old public school.  She had been shocked the first day of classes when all of her teachers opened class in prayer. Over and over she kept expressing her disbelief that a place like PCC still existed in America.

After hearing the testimonies of the freshmen in my collegian, I was extremely convicted of my lack of gratefulness for the blessing God has given me. I am attending one of the best Christian colleges in the nation! What more could I ask for? Thank you freshmen for reminding an old senior like me that I have so much for which to be thankful!

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