Reaching People for Christ

Ever felt God telling you to share the gospel with someone? You want to, but then find yourself making excuses? I find myself making excuses for not sharing Christ frequently. I tell myself I'm not adequate, or that I'm too scared, or someone else will tell them.

The Campus Church provides an opportunity for students to make sure they know how to share the gospel through the Soul Winning Seminar. Of course, we can attend all the seminars we want but people won't get saved if we don't go and tell them.

The seminar started off with prayer and some hymns. In the first general session, the speaker spoke about the Romans Road. Romans Road is divided into three sections: the first section is the awakening of a person to their sin problem, which uses Romans 3:10, 3:23, 5:12, and 6:23. The second is the answer to a person’s sin problem covering Romans 5:8-9 and 10:9-10. The third is the acceptance of that answer using Romans 10:12.

The following two sessions were workshop periods where we could choose which workshops we wanted to attend. There were six workshops we could choose from, including How to Run a Bible Club, How to Effectively Pray for Souls, How to Teach Songs and Bible Stories, How to Lead Children to Christ, How to Get from the Greeting to the Gospel, and Reaching Teens. I chose to attend How to get from the Greeting to the Gospel and Reaching Teens.

I chose How to get from the Greeting to the Gospel because there are times I’m talking to people and I have no idea how to gear the conversation toward the gospel. Start the conversation off casually and guide the conversation toward spiritual things by asking about their religious background. Giving your personal testimony can help turn the conversation to Christ. This is where I always feel inadequate because my testimony is so simple, but it’s amazing what God can use. Once the conversation has been turned to Christ, share the Gospel and bring them to a decision. You should never force one to make a decision.

I also attended the Reaching Teens session. I felt led to go to this one, because right now I know that children and teens are the age groups that I am most likely to influence. It is important to never neglect children and teens when sharing the gospel because Christ said, “Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me” (Matt. 19:14). When sharing the gospel with them, be sure not to water the gospel down and take away its importance as well as not to make it more complex than what it really is. Make sure they recognize God’s Word, sin, and the death and resurrection of Christ.

My desire is to be a soul-winner for Christ. I pray that God will give me the words to say when I’m given the opportunity to share Christ. I also pray that this is will be your desire as well. I encourage many of you to attend the next Soul Winning Seminar that the Campus Church offers.

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