PCC»s Very Own Once-A-Year Carnival
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PCC’s Very Own Once-a-Year Carnival

Hi! My name is Christy. I am sophomore Commercial Writing major here at Pensacola Christian College. This semester I would like to tell you all about my various adventures at PCC.

My first adventure as a sophomore this year was Greek Rush. What is Greek Rush? It is a three-hour event where all of the collegians invite the new students to join their particular collegian. Greek Rush is pretty much PCC’s very own once-a-year carnival. There are forty-four collegian booths set up along the main drive, each decorated with its own theme.

While meandering through all the bustling booths, I took in all the sights and sounds. There were people dressed up as nurses, knights, bodyguards, and even a wolf! I could hear people laughing, talking, and persuading—or, at least, trying to persuade—freshmen to join them.

Scents of yummy snacks drifted in the air. There were cupcakes, pretzels with peanut butter, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, and cotton candy.

I checked out all the different games at the booths, too. The games included shooting basketballs, push-up contests, Xbox 360 competitions, and ring toss. I decided not to play the games, but I did enjoy watching others attempt to play them.

After two hours of eating delicious food, watching others play fun games, and seeing people in costumes, I searched for a spot to watch the parade. The last hour of Greek Rush is spent watching a parade put on by the collegians promoting themselves and their yearly themes. I felt like a five-year-old again watching the parade with my friends.

Collegian members rode in trucks, classic cars, and police cars. Motorcycles revved their engines and talented students flipped in the air. A man did tricks on a motorcycle and one collegian brought a fire truck. Collegian members threw candy into the crowds, and one collegian gave out white roses. Cheers, yells, and screeches were heard as we gathered candy for later.

When the parade was at last over, pizza and drinks were served in the Sports Center for the freshmen to enjoy while they waited to choose their future collegian family. Greek Rush Parade was a success—like always—because it allowed all of us to forget classes for a couple of hours, enjoy friends, and have some fun.

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