Serving at the Warrior Banquet 2011
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Serving at the Warrior Banquet

“Big, little, little, big . . . always from the left . . . okay, don’t drop anything, Leticia!” Talk about learning to be a server of a full course meal in just a few quick lessons!

Ninety-six volunteers from several men’s and women’s collegians along with PCC’s Special Event Catering Team joined together to help at Pensacola Christian Academy’s Warrior Banquet.  The banquet is held every year to honor the athletes, and every year collegian members have the opportunity to volunteer at this event to gain collegian points for their collegian.

While some volunteers were assigned to be servers and beverage pourers, others were assigned to be expediters, porters, or dishwashers.  The first thing we did once we got there was put on our professional looking vests and bowties 🙂 and report to our locations.  We received instruction on what to do, and off we were to serve at the banquet! The operation of the whole banquet was fantastic.

It was neat to be behind the scenes and learn some skills I wouldn’t normally learn in my course of study. No previous experience needed—just a willingness to help!  Between shifts, we met in the back, took pictures, goofed off, and just had a great time.

At the end of the event, all the volunteers and the catering team met in the back for the best part of the day—dinner time! We were each given meal boxes as well as food that was served at the banquet.  Chicken parmesan, green beans, bread rolls, salad—I had soo much too eat; it was all so delicious! Not to mention we even had dessert and coffee!

Last we had clean up. With the many volunteers present, clean up went by quickly.  It was amazing to see so many college students serve others while having a blast at the same time. Certainly, toward the end of the event, we were all exhausted, but the opportunity to serve and the many memories made were priceless!

I look forward to next year’s PCA Warrior Banquet and encourage every collegian member that has this collegian service project to participate! It is so much fun!

Congrats to the men’s collegian Bulldogs (Sigma Kappa Delta) for having all eight officers present at the banquet as well as many collegian members present! The Bulldogs have held records on having the most collegian members come to help at this event; keep the tradition going, guys!

And hats off to PCC’s catering team and staff for your outstanding work!

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