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Smile, It’s SUMMIT Time!

The school year is finally coming to an end, and it’s time to start gathering up your friends to snap some photos, exchange phone numbers, and have one last laugh as you remember all the moments you’ve shared together this year. Oh yeah! And sign yearbooks like crazy!

I was so proud to receive my very first yearbook as a freshman in college! I didn’t realize until I had opened the Summit and saw my freshman class that I would feel such a sense of accomplishment! Immediately, I felt a close bond with my fellow classmates because I had finally grasped that we had done it! Whoa! We had completed our very first year of college! The 2011 yearbook will be a great reminder to not only freshmen, but to all the students who have accomplished so much this year.

The Summit is filled with people and memories I never want to forget. And since I’ll have it as a keepsake, I will never lose the precious moments of college life! Having this yearbook is so awesome because there are snap shots of moments that I would’ve normally forgotten. The funny moments during Student Body, the snow at Christmas Lights, and the creative, yet crazy upperclassmen at Greek Rush are just examples of moments that could possibly slip away. Those are moments that count! Real living is finding joy in every little minute of the day. My encouragement to the student body is to live every moment with the joy of Christ shining in you! You will want those pictures to remind you of joyful moments -- not busy days. So remember to be thankful for the moments God allowed you to experience as you flip through your yearbook!

(I’m, also, very grateful to the PCC students who worked so hard putting this colorful yearbook together! The yearbook staff did a spectacular job designing, photographing, writing, and editing the Summit. Thank you all so much for the time and effort you have put into making the perfect “college souvenir”!)

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