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God works in amazing ways!

Hey! My name is Troy, and I’m a Speech Education major from Southern California. Let me just start out by saying that our God works in amazing ways!

All my life I knew I’d be going to Pensacola Christian College, but my motivation for going is what changed throughout the years. Both my parents graduated from PCC, so I figured all growing up that I would too. My parents love the College and have always been grateful for the great education and spiritual guidance they received as students. As I heard their stories and about God’s leading in their lives as young people, I couldn’t wait to experience it all for myself.

Before my freshman year of high school, my parents came to me and told me about a Speech & Drama Camp being offered at PCC. This was an incredible opportunity! I told my parents that I would love to go, so they sent me and a friend to the drama camp. It was a blast, and I didn’t want to go home! Little did I know that this would not be my only summer trip to Pensacola. My parents allowed me to go back two more years. Youth Outreach Ministry offers many camps on PCC campus throughout the summer, and I would encourage anyone who wants a sneak peak at the College to visit during this time.

After these trips, I felt more and more like the Lord was leading me to Pensacola Christian College, but still I had no peace. My high school principal decided to take a trip to the College so about fifteen students went with her (including me) in November of 2009. The trip was such an eye-opener as I saw the College during a normal week of classes. I was able to visit the Sports Center, a Fine Arts practice, an Eagles basketball game, and the Sunday church services. Most importantly though, I received Jesus Christ as my personal Savior on this trip!! Some college students had put together a prayer group, and I decided to go that night. Many upperclassmen gave their testimonies, and I knew right then and there that my lack of peace was really a lack of the Lord in my life. It was the most exciting feeling ever to finally become a child of God! I knew by the end of the night that Pensacola Christian College was where I was supposed to be.

As you prepare for college, remember to consult your heavenly Father each day. I’m so glad that I did, and I am now in the center of His will. PCC truly is a great place to grow in the Lord and to learn how to live a life for Him. I can’t wait to take the talents He’s given me in speech and drama and use them for Christ in my future.

Pray to the Lord and consider attending Pensacola Christian College.


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