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All This for 10 Dollars?

I remember when I first visited PCC. I came during College Days and was able to experience the life of a college student for 2 days and 2 nights. The advantages to my visit were being able to visit the classes of my choice and staying in the residence halls with students. I felt like I was actually at college! (Besides having no homework to do) Since I was interested in Missions, which is now my major, I wanted to check out the Bible classes. One of the classes that I chose to visit was a class on the book of Romans. I absolutely loved the class and the teacher whose name was Mr. Taylor. I was so excited about PCC and I knew that God wanted me to go there. I was so surprised at how much I was able to do for just 10 dollars! I had all the food I could ever want, I stayed in the residence halls with students, I observed the “ins and outs” of PCC’s campus, and I was able to use the Sports Center for free just like the students!

Now that I am a sophomore headed into my junior year, I am in the same class that I visited when I came for College Days. I also have the same teacher, Mr. Taylor! I have been so challenged by his life and his knowledge of the Word of God. He shares with us what God has brought him through and all that he has learned from his walk with the Lord. It is always an encouragement when he takes time in class to ask what we are learning from the book of Romans and let us know that he is praying for us. That is the heart of the faculty here at Pensacola Christian College. They desire to encourage us as students and challenge us to have a closer walk with Christ. I could say similar things about each teacher I have had. The faculty at PCC really is here for us as students. If you don’t believe me, come see for yourself! I encourage you to visit during College Days sometime (the next one is April 14–15) and find out for yourself if this is where God would have you to come!

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