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Feels like Friday

Many students come to college still figuring out their direction. Getting started taking classes is a great way to learn about your options and discover God's will for your life. As you settle into college life and see what other students are studying, things tend to become more clear. The personal growth experienced during college is priceless!

When I rolled on to the Pensacola Christian College campus four years ago, I looked around myself and saw pristine lawns, towering brick buildings, and—what really caught my eye—some of the sharpest-looking college students I had ever seen. They looked like they had officially arrived in life. I thought, “How am I ever going to make it?” I could never be so mature—I was certain that I would be a freshman forever.

Four years later, now that I have just graduated, I see that those worries have proven empty. During my college years, God taught me so much about myself and carried me through some of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Without a doubt, PCC was exactly where He planned for me to come to school, not to mention grow up a little.

Hello, my name is Drew, and I spent the last four years of my life studying as a Commercial Writing major at PCC. Funny thing was I started college in a different major because I thought I already knew everything about writing. Boy, was I wrong! After a friend told me about the interesting and practical courses in the writing major (like journalism, professional writing, and even drawing), I figured that Commercial Writing would be a good swap. I’m glad I changed it.

While I studied writing, I learned the craft of words from every angle. My courses sharpened my skills in reporting, researching, technical writing, editing, fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. Because I chose writing, I got to investigate and research myriad subjects. I’ve interviewed pastors, writers, designers, and even a soldier who was wounded in Afghanistan. I don’t even want to mention how many hours I’ve spent in front of a computer screen researching and writing.

But God was faithful. His endless mercy and consistent grace propelled me over every obstacle. Since my Father in Heaven knew how much I needed to grow, He sent me to a safe and wholesome place like PCC. Godly friends and constant nourishment from God’s Word have cultivated a ready heart to seek the next step that God has for me. And my thorough training in writing has prepared me for the professional field.

As a senior writing major, I had to complete my senior writing portfolio. The portfolio is a compilation of all my best writing—a showcase of what I had learned here at PCC. Creating my portfolio from the ground up was a practical, hands-on experience, and I had a blast working on it. While I was searching for a title, I thought about how God can turn any day into an adventure. Through my final year at PCC, I had often caught myself saying, “Man, today is a great day. Today feels like Friday.” And that’s where I arrived at the title Feels like Friday. Using that title, I designed and edited what amounts to my very own book.

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