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Phone Home

Last Sunday night during Pastor McBride’s message titled “Raising Children in a Post-Modern Age,” I was tempted to zone out. “I’m not a mom, and I need a few years before I even start thinking about that,” I told myself. “Besides, all I can think about right now...
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My First Time Meeting Pastor McBride

My study buddy, Katie, and I have made a habit of sitting on the brick wall outside the Commons on Tuesdays and Thursdays when the weather is nice. We enjoy soaking up the beautiful Florida sunshine, catching up with each other, and people-watching as others go check their mailboxes and make their way between classes and the residence halls. On occasion people will stop and talk with us, like our friend Tim who typically comes and sits with us for a little bit, or my roommate Anna who always walks by on her way back to the residence hall from lunch. However, the other day we had an unexpected visit from someone especially well-loved here at PCC.

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Just Another Post

Maybe you are like me in that the hum drum continuation of normal life feels monotonous at times. You wake up thinking that it's just another morning; at night you realize it's just another chance to sleep. Your schedule consists of just another class, just another meal, and just another visit to the library for...
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