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Music major

Music and Grass

What better way is there to spend a Friday evening than sitting on the grass enjoying music with friends? Many of us had arrived early to save spots on the grass for the PCCymphony's first Concert on the Green. The sun was setting, which made the sky turn a bright blue and orange. The...
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‘Tis the Season

No, I’m not talking about the Christmas season (although Christmas is soon approaching). 'Tis the season for senior music recitals! Not only are these recitals a time to appreciate gorgeous music, but they're also a time to celebrate the talents of dedicated musicians. Hours and hours of practice, hard work, and sometimes tears are invested into each recital. As...
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If you like singing…

If you like singing, meet Jeff!

Jeff isn’t a vocal performance studies major. He isn’t studying music ministry either, or music education. Jeff isn’t music anything actually, except that he likes it. He’s actually a pre-med major, if you want to know the truth.

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