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Missions concentration of the Bible major

A Mind for Missions

When you hear the word missionary, what do you think? Do you think of great heroes of the past who braved the jungles of Africa like David Livingstone?  Do you think of quiet heroes who influenced young lives like Amy Carmichael? Do you think of people who take college students and prospective missionaries to another...
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Missions Minded

Tropical jungle, bugs, dangerous animals, snakes, and so much more--this is what I imagined a mission field would be like. Last summer, I had the opportunity to experience the mission field for two weeks in the country of Romania. It blew my mind! (Background: my parents were born in Romania, and I had the opportunity...
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Mission Run Tonight!

We have runs for fundraisers; we have runs for legislature; we have runs in our socks; and we "make a run" for our money.

We have noses that "run" and minds that "wander," and bloggers who write puns about runs, and that's no pun.

Tonight gives the word run a definition which has created a buzz across campus for the past two years.

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