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Mold Me, Make Me, Use Me

All of us have gifts and talents that God has given us, and some of them are rather unique. We may not even know how our particular talent can be “used by God.” (Like those of you that wonder how your board game passion can possibly be spiritual.) ...
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They Really Do Care

If you’re anything like me, before you came to PCC, you had visions of college professors being seven-foot-tall fire-breathing dragons who bled red ink and ate freshmen for a light midday snack. Okay, maybe not quite that drastic, but you were still probably intimidated by the prospect...
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A Bug’s Life

Growing up, I hated anything that crawled—except baby mammals and humans (let's clear that up). But I hated bugs, rats, and especially spiders—the workers of Satan himself. I remember spider hunting in the jungles growing up. I would shoot banana spiders at point blank with my airsoft...
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