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A Bug’s Life

Growing up, I hated anything that crawled—except baby mammals and humans (let's clear that up). But I hated bugs, rats, and especially spiders—the workers of Satan himself. I remember spider hunting in the jungles growing up. I would shoot banana spiders at point blank with my airsoft...
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A Tiny Glimpse

pca_dsf0699Everyone has a dream for the future, and most of us are at college to fulfill part of that dream. I love to talk to people about their major, just to hear the passion and ambition in their voices. Their eyes light up when they discuss music,...
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Oh, Yes, the Joy of Classes!

Ok, so if you're like me, you might have taken one look at your stack of class course outlines for this semester, inhaled deeply, and then thought, "What have I gotten myself into?" Yeah, I know that feeling. Nooot fun. And even if it's not your classes themselves that look difficult, you may also have a job,...
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