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Biology concentration of the secondary education major

A Tiny Glimpse

pca_dsf0699Everyone has a dream for the future, and most of us are at college to fulfill part of that dream. I love to talk to people about their major, just to hear the passion and ambition in their voices. Their eyes light up when they discuss music,...
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Experience your field

Here at college, we can acquire a lot of book knowledge about our chosen fields. We have knowledgeable teachers who have great experience and choose to pass down what they have learned. However, there are many times when we gain some of our own personal experience that we can add to theirs. For instance, Read more

Seeking Service

Recently, at PCC's annual Recruitment, dozens of ministries visited campus seeking to employ graduating students. Most positions available are for teachers; however, other professional jobs are also offered. Although I could not visit all the ministries, I enjoyed meeting administrators from around the country (and the world). Entering college, it is easy to wonder what your chances are of finding a...
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