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Protect the Nest

In the midst of midterms, there is an event that is taking place tonight--an event that cheerleaders, volleyball players, and basketball players have been practicing for weeks. Activity planners, coaches, camera and light crews, and many other important personnel have all combined forces to bring you an unforgettable night. This event, this visual sensation, is none other...
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Pushing the Limits

Early in the semester, I went and played some basketball with the Lady Eagles. To make a long story short, I walked out of the Sports Center Arena with a headache and with a bruise all the way around my lower leg, which is still there as we speak. I honestly don’t know a lot...
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Bird Watching

It's been an exciting weekend here on the PCC campus for the Eagles basketball teams. The Eagles basketball team faced three regional opponents--Piedmont International University, Toccoa Falls College, and Bob Jones University--in a row starting on Thursday. The Lady Eagles also played against Toccoa Falls and...
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