Feels like Friday

Our student bloggers will be posting soon! For now, here's a post by Drew, one of our recent Commercial Writing grads. At the end, there's even a link to an excerpt of his senior portfolio—enjoy reading it!

Many students, like Drew, come to college still figuring out their direction. Getting started taking classes is a great way to learn about your options and discover God's will for your life. As you settle into college life and see what other students are studying, things tend to become more clear. The personal growth experienced during college is priceless!

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Getting Started

Pensacola Christian College is an amazing school, and you just can’t tell how special the spirit is on this campus simply by looking at a picture of our beautiful buildings. What makes this place so unique is the atmosphere created by the godly, faithful, joyful people around here—this is a great ministry to be...
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