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Hiking or Homework?

Some people go to coffee shops and actually get stuff done on chilly weekends, but my first choice is hiking, and just recently my roommates Jocelyn and Sarah discovered the thrill of hiking on the beach. Big Lagoon State Park offers five miles of hiking trails, and we...
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Alligator Afternoon

Before my family came down from Alabama to visit me last semester, my dad read the web reviews (which mentioned alligators), weighed the options, made a decision, and plugged the coordinates into the GPS. We were excited for a day of hiking around Bear Lake in Blackwater State...
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Beachy Keen

What is college about? Certainly studying, definitely finding a job, probably socializing a bit, but taking a break? What madness is this? Many of us come from states (and other countries!) where we don’t have the awesome beach access that is available in Pensacola. Did you know...
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