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So, Senior, What’s Next?

We are at mile 25 of the marathon. Our muscles are strained and our hearts are pounding with anticipation to break the ribbon as we cross the long-awaited finish line (a.k.a. graduation!!). This is the moment we have been looking forward to since our first steps on campus...
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Little May Actually Be Much

2016-10-23_20-22-43Little is much when God is in it. Just think about that for a second. As college students, it can be difficult to be feel completely prepared due to the projects, tests, and quizzes looming over us. Thankfully, we serve an all-powerful God who is able to help us through the difficult (and...
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On the Line

I don't know about you, but Coach Goetsch's message today in chapel was exactly what I needed coming off of Missions Conference. These last couple of days during Missions Conference we've been challenged to serve Christ with our lives-to dedicate ourselves to Him. Missions isn't just about colorful costumes or even about the different people...
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