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Find Your Passion

So…it’s after midterms. Right now, you probably feel some combination of fear, panic, stress, and sleep-deprivation. A lot of us have probably asked ourselves (or our roommates) why we do this. What is the point of midterms? Why are we in all these classes? Okay, I don’t have answers...
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A week or two after arriving at PCC, all freshmen choose a collegian, which is a group of students who participate in several activities, sports, and service projects together. Each one has a set of Greek letters and a more conventional name. Mine is the Delta Psi Delta Raiders, which is properly pronounced as a pirate...
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A Singer Like No Other

Pensacola Christian College has recently been blessed with the music and preaching ministry of Evangelist Ben Everson. The one-man a cappella singer provided singing specials, unique chapel messages (with one being available for sale on DVD!), and even an evening concert! And at the Wednesday evening service, he surprised us one last time with leading the...
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