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What’s Next?

So you’re settled! You’re studying with your new friends, exploring the Sports Center, and maybe playing for your collegian sports. “What’s next?” you ask. Well, I could bore you with pages of events, activities, performances, meals, and everything else that would probably be overwhelming! Instead of that, let...
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Soles for Jesus

If you walked through the Commons last week, you probably noticed the Shoe Drive going on, sponsored by the freshman class. Yes, I expected to see lots of shoes over there, but I wanted to know exactly what the class was doing with all those shoes. I...
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Off They Go into the Wild Blue Yonder

ensemble Wasn't that pretty legit to see those representatives from the U.S. Air Force came to chapel!  For those who didn't see it, the U.S. Air Force came to congratulate One Accord on the awesome job they did last semester. One Accord is the growing men’s ensemble that has become a campus favorite....
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