5 Tips fo Education Majors
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From Zero to Hero: 5 Tips for Education Majors

Your whole life you’ve been the student. And you still are—but now, the tables are turning. As an education major, more and more teaching opportunities present themselves, training you to one day take on the responsibilities of a teacher. It wasn’t until two semesters ago that I started seeing myself as a teacher. Occasionally, I would teach at PCA for […]

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Pasta Hacks
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5 Pasta Bar Hacks to Satisfy Any Carb Craving

Sure. Marinara is classy, and Alfredo is comforting… But why limit yourself to traditional flavors when pasta provides so much scope for the imagination? Pasta doesn’t just satisfy carb cravings; it can satisfy creativity cravings, too! Craving carbs or creativity? Then these pasta bar hacks are for you! 1.) Florentine Florentine pasta is a personal favourite. To make a Florentine […]

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Packing your Luggage
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How to Pack Your Luggage Like a Pro This Winter Break

Packing can be either incredibly frustrating or incredibly satisfying. For me, an artist, packing is just another art form that satisfies my organized mind. I love being able to neatly fit my entire life into a suitcase—and have it still be under the airline’s weight limit. I remember one winter holiday when I was packing for a flight back to […]

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9 Gift Ideas
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No Strings Attached: 9 Gift Ideas for Special Occasions

One of my love languages is gift giving. I love putting together little gift boxes, giving notes of encouragement, and most importantly preparing coffee for the special people in my life. Receiving gifts is also meaningful to me. Once upon a time, I experienced a rather emotionally exhausting trial in my life. My classmate noticed and left some candy, trinkets, […]

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