Laundry days are always exciting- said no one, ever!

While doing laundry might not necessarily be exciting, it is the perfect place to do small, kind, anonymous gestures for those around you. I discovered this the other day while checking to see if any of the washing machines were open. All were in use, but atop of one sat a note which read, "Felt bad about taking your clothes out of the wash so I dried them for you." It was a small act of kindness, costing a meager 50 cents. Whoever did it could have simply taken the clothes out of the wash and set them on top of the washers and dryers, but they did better than that. They were willing to go the extra mile when they did not have to. So think about it, what anonymous gesture can you do to go the extra mile for someone else today?

6 Responses

  1. Tiffany W.

    That was very nice for someone to do that for you. I love it when people do a little extra something for me just to make my day great! 😛 Good thought for the day! 😀

  2. Josh G.

    This would definitely help out the general mood of the laundry room, that’s for sure…

  3. Boone

    I saw that happen last year when a guy payed for a stranger’s load of wash.
    Again, small act of kindness = never forgotten.

  4. Jennifer J.

    Yes, I’ve heard of people doing that, too — I love hearing stories like ths. 😀 Thank you for sharing — a good thought to keep throughout the day!

  5. Beth

    I’ve had someone fold my laundry before when they took it out of the dryer instead of just throwing it ontop somewhere. It made my day and I was very thankful.

  6. Melody Rowe

    A roommate of mine once was going through a hard time and considering leaving school. She was low on money and was having a bad day. She came back into the room with a huge smile on her face. She was so touched and encouraged that someone had dried her clothes for her. This really meant so much more to her than I’m sure that person thought:).

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