Monthly Archives: January 2013

Learned Lessons from Latin

In my Latin class, we translate an abundance of sentences to enhance our learning of the language. Most of the ancient sentences we translate into English are Roman phrases, proverbs, or pieces of historical content. Romans found loyalty, dignity, friendship, and other honorable qualities to be of the utmost importance, and they often wrote about them. Something that always sticks out to me is the proverbs or quotations about friendship that, despite being ancient, still remain a solid source of truth.

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A Lesson in a Bowl of Soup

It was a chilly December evening at Pensacola Christian College. I strolled up and down the lines at the Four Winds, weighing my options as if my choice would hold some lasting significance in my life. I kept gravitating back toward the soup bar and finally settled on a bowl of creamy...
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Little Checkmarks

I don’t know about you, but I love that feeling when you look at your past schedule and see all of the classes that you have completed. It doesn’t matter if you are upperclassmen or freshmen; it is still exciting to see those little checkmarks next to the classes that you have passed. Personally, I...
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