The Turkey Bowl Poll

One game. One chance. One winner. One turkey. One…um…bowl. Two teams. Seven sentence fragments. Haha…

Anyone know what’s coming?

It’s the biggest game of the year: PCC’s annual Turkey Bowl! This Thursday, the two Collegian soccer champions of 2012—the Hornets and the Vipers—will face off as part of the Thanksgiving celebration at Pensacola Christian College.

The question is….

Who will be the winner?

We want to know your opinion! Vote for who you think will come out the victor on Thursday afternoon.

Come ready to cheer on your favorite team at PCC’s annual Turkey Bowl! It will begin at 12:45 on Thursday on College Field.

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.

2 Responses

  1. Jinkz

    one turkey, one…umm…bowl? That was like the highlight. . .

  2. Josh Davis

    The voters on this page were voting who they wanted to win, not who they thought would win. i wanted the vipers to win, but i figured they wouldnt.

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