Gobble It Up

All right, so I’m writing about food again. So what if I write about food all the time? I like food. Wasn’t it Aristotle who once said “Anna Grace should like food…” or something along those lines? I don’t know, I can never keep all the profound things that people say straight in my head.

Anyways, Thanksgiving is tomorrow, along with one of my favorite meals of the year here at PCC: Thanksgiving Breakfast! I look forward to waking up on Thanksgiving morning and going to see the Four Winds cafeteria all decorated and everyone dressed up and looking so nice for this special occasion! Last year, Thanksgiving breakfast featured everything from cinnamon-glazed biscuits and flaky little breakfast pastries to fancy yogurt parfaits, served in little goblets and sprinkled with fresh fruit.

But really, it’s not the food that makes Thanksgiving Breakfast so great. Actually…it is. But, well— it sounded nobler to say that it wasn’t. I can’t help but walk into Thanksgiving Breakfast and think, though, how often unnoticed work goes on around us. Not just here at college—not only the vacuumed carpets we tread every day, the teachers we sit in front of, the food we eat, and the campus facilities we use…but also our family supporting us from a distance, the prayers lifted up from our church, and the quiet blessings that the Lord seems to so often slip in when we’re least apt to take notice . It’s so easy to be thankful for the obvious things and to forget those consistent blessings that we seem to simply count on instead of thanking the Lord for. Let’s remember as this Thanksgiving comes up (along with Thanksgiving breakfast!) to be thankful for the “background  blessings” as well as the obvious ones!

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  1. Austin Gardner

    Good reminder, Anna Grace. Breakfast on Thanksgiving is totally worth it! It’s the only time when I deprive my groaning body of sleep in order to partake in some of the best food of the semester!

    PS: Did you mean THIS quote? 🙂

    “A man, being just as hungry as thirsty, and placed in between food and drink, must necessarily remain where he is and starve to death.” — Aristotle

  2. Ina (pronounced Ena) Yefimov

    I so agree with you about the food. I love food!
    After all God gave it to us so we could enjoy it so we might as well enjoy it! As long as we don’t over eat of course.

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