Time to Let Go

The beginning of college – all the preparation, moving in, meeting roommates, getting schedules settled, buying books – I don’t know which it is harder on – the students or their parents.

Dear parents reading this blog, I have had one child graduate from PCC, presently have two enrolled and one more looking forward to attending in a couple of years, and I know how exciting and emotional the first few days of college can be – whether you have one child and this is their first year at PCC or you have several children and they are sophomores, juniors, or seniors.

Parents have spent the last 18 years investing their lives in their children, and while our desire is for our children to grow up and become what God wants for them, it’s not easy to let go.  I have three pieces of advice.

#1 – Pray.  I am sure most parents have spent many hours in prayer for the individual needs of their children.  Now, we can pray for their teachers, their roommates, their classes, for them to make wise decisions on their own, and for the Lord to draw them closer to Him.

#2 – As parents, we want to “fix” everything.  As hard as it is, now is the time to challenge our children to figure out some things on their own.  Allow them to make mistakes, allow them to figure out how to get along with people and take charge of what they need to do, and let them know you are behind them with your prayers – and that occasional care package.

#3 – PCC is one of the most secure places I know of for our young adult children to learn to stand on their own and prepare for what the Lord has for them.  Trust the Lord to do a wonderful work in your child’s life.  Since “it’s time to let go,” I can’t think of a safer place to “let go” than a wonderful Christian college campus like PCC.

--Mrs. Melody M.

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  1. Brittney Lester

    My mom is definitely on e of the “fixer parents.” Before she can leave, she has to make sure I am settled, unpacked, registered, and supplied. Wherever I go, it seems like she is there asking questions and making sure I have everything I’m supposed to. Despite all the shopping back home, it is inevitable that she will buy something else “just in case.” Some people may find this annoying, and at times I do get irritated in my flesh, but I am truly thankful for a mother who comes four and a half hours away to make sure her little girl is set for another year of college. I thank God for my wonderful, and sometimes crazy, mom.

  2. Louise Martin

    Thank you for your advice, and I couldn’t agree more. Being over 1800 miles away from my daughter has taught me to let go and trust the Lord because He has guided her to PCC where she will be blessed in so many ways while she is there.

  3. Mom of a Freshman

    I am one of those annoying, crazy moms who had to be there to help unpack, register, buy books and even hang around to see my son go to his first class. I’m sure I annoyed him; but I’m hopeful he has the grace towards me that you have towards your mom in seeing past the “fixing” and recognizing the “wonderful.” Thank you. Your words truly blessed me. 🙂

  4. Amy Cunningham-Robinson

    It was amazing my freshman year (1993) when I got there. My sister and her husband lived there so she could do her internship @ PCA. I wasn’t homesick because I had family there. But I knew so many people that I could help because they were homesick. All that to say that I was blessed with parents that taught me as I was growing up to become a little less dependent on them, and more dependent on God.

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