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When I arrived at PCC for the first time four years ago, I can still remember wandering around campus looking for the Academic Center. I must have looked lost, because a nice girl spontaneously came to my rescue. She pointed me in the right direction, but I got lost again two minutes later. Finally, I decided to just sit on a bench for a while to admire the palm trees. I wasn't used to so many people.

I hadn’t talked to anyone from the college besides my advisor. I didn’t know anyone. I didn’t know where anything was. I ate at the Palms Grille my first evening, thinking it was the only place where all the students ate.

Four years later, I’m anticipating graduation in less than a month. Some parts of college went quickly. Others seemed to go more slowly. Now I’m finally here. There were things I was wondering when I first arrived at PCC though. Things a lot of graduating high school students might wonder about PCC.

What kinds of activities are the different collegians involved in?

What’s a collegian?

What should I expect in class?

How should I study?

And, most importantly, do they have coffee there?

This is about the time of year when senior high school students really begin to wonder where they’re going to attend college. If you know you’re going to attend PCC, you may have questions about life at the college.  This is your opportunity to ask in the comments section below. You can ask about anything from what was for lunch today in the Four Winds to where the places to study on campus are. You can even ask about the best route to take from the Ballard residence hall to the Crowne Centre.

Four years ago, there was no blog for me to ask questions on. Now there is for you! Take advantage of it!

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  1. Kate

    Chris, I love reading your posts. I am so excited that you are graduating, but I am also sorry to lose you as a blogger. Congrats on graduation!

  2. CHughes

    Hey- I am attending PCC in the fall and I have two questions. #1 What is the best way to study? #2 Did you receive some sort of informational sheet that was specific as to what to bring to college?

    • Goosman

      #1: Figure out your roommates’ schedule and try to work your study time in when they are not there. Commons can be too distracting with friends around.
      #2: Couple of quick tips on what to bring (guy’s perspective). Go easy on the recreational clothes. You’ll need more polos than anything. By the time you use a few tshirts, it will be time to do laundry again. Make sure you have at least two towels, just to be safe. Buy some extra pens and stuff as you will probably lose quite a few along the way. Most importantly, get a large thing of toilet paper. Your roommates will thank you later.

    • Alyssa D

      Great to hear you’re coming here in the fall! As to your question about studying, everyone has a different way of studying, but the best way for me is to study a little bit for the few days leading up to a test. Don’t wait until the night before (but you still will!) And make notecards with terms and definitions on it. That helps me a ton! As to your other question, I don’t think I ever got a paper like that, but I just made a list for myself. And when I got here I just went out and picked up a few things that I forgot. Hope that helps!

    • CHughes,

      You will receive a list of suggested items to bring from your enrollment advisor sometime in late July or early August. If you would like the list before then, just let your advisor know, and they’d be happy to get it to you.

    • Joshua

      In regards to studying: go over what your teacher has emphasized, use note cards, and re-read sections of your textbook that you may have had a little more difficulty with. Don’t forget about the library. It’s a great place to study, and while many people are on 1st – 3rd floors, 5th and 6th floor are often quiet and have plenty of space to spread out your books and notes. My junior year I had this “hidden” spot in the library that had a big couch, a table, and was tucked away in the corner. I would spread everything out and stay there all evening. Very productive. If your studying with a group, the library conference rooms are also a great place to study without many distractions. As Goosman mentioned, I don’t know how people get things accomplished in the commons – its too distracting for me. (Plus they have coffee nearby – also distracting!)

  3. CHughes

    Thanks guys for all of your replies!…I have a couple more questions. #1. I am from Wisconsin…so needless to say it gets quite chilly in the winter. How cold does it get in the dead of winter in FL?…Does everyone wear winter coats around campus, or just a sweatshirt? #2. How do you choose which collegian to be in?….it seems that there are a lot of choices. What are some of the activities that they do?

    • ChristaS

      Well, I’m from Indiana, and although it doesn’t get as cold here as it does at home, the humidity does make it very cold! I have a coat and several sweaters, scarves, gloves, etc. The wind in the winter is freezing! For collegians, the first week of the semester, we have Greek rush. This is a big party (It almost seemed like a fair!) where all of the collegians have booths around campus and you can ask them as many questions as you want to! Then, there’s a parade that all of the collegians participate in. Collegians do several activities during the year. There’s an outing once a year, collegian meetings at least once a month, sports, and christian service! It’s a great opportunity to meet new people! I hope this helps!

    • Mary

      Yeah, like Christa said most of the time the temperature doesn’t feel as cold as it might when you are in WI (I’m from Ohio myself) but the humidity and sometimes even the wind are biting. I personally have a heavy winter jacket that I usually wear come the beginning of December and when we first get back for spring semester it is still cold so you’ll probably want something that is warm to wear.
      Funny story… Ok so my parents came to PCC for college back in the early 80’s and told me that it would be cold here durring the winter. Did I listen to them? Well I’ll say this, freshman year I thought that it wouldn’t be that cold and didn’t bring anything but a few sweaters. Boy was missing my jacket by the time Christmas lights came around. It was fun but I still had fun.
      So just remember to pack something for all seasons when you come.

      And Greek rush is a ton of fun. Lots of the collegians have really cool things that they do for the Greek rush booths and parade. Many of them give out food and have games to get you involved. And if you are looking for something specific in a collegian then just ask the people that are at the booths, we will be more than willing to answer your questions. But the most important thing is to get involved and to have fun. While school work does come first you have to have some fun too.

    • Kaycee

      Typically, fall semester is pretty warm. Even by December, it’s still only in the 40s. (Sometimes 30s, but that’s not too often) However, when spring semester starts in January, it gets pretty cold! It’s a combination between the humidity and the wind which makes winter at PCC pretty biting. This winter was warmer than usual, but last school year, it was freezing.

  4. Shannon Wood

    This is an amazing blog/page! I will be going to PCC in Fall 2012, and I used to have soooo many weird and ridiculous questions that I’m sure I was driving my enrollment advisor crazy with them! =D Thanks to her, I have most of my questions answered, but I do have one I haven’t found a lot of answers to: what is the best girls collegian and why? I would appreciate an opinion from anyone! 🙂

    • Kaycee

      I am partial to the Alpha Kappa Rho Wolves!! 🙂 We have a ton of fun and I would venture to say that we are pretty close as a collegian. Although each collegian has a stag outing once a year, my collegian got together several times to do something fun. One day, we ate pizza on the Commons Terrace and played a few games. Another night, our Pres and VP organized a scavenger hunt and we raced (by class) to see who could finish. We are really down to earth and we love to have fun!

    • Christian

      Well, each collegian has it’s own “personality”. Some collegians are known for their Christian Service activities, and some are known for their sports. There really isn’t a solid “best” collegian for everyone, but there are different collegians to fit different personalities.

  5. CHughes

    thanks for the info about the weather…and yes, as shannon said I have a BIG shout out to my enrollment advisor, Drew Meadows. He has answered MILLIONS of my questions! thanks so much to the staff at PCC for their sweet spirits and helpfulness!!!!

  6. Brendan

    What kind of athletic wear is best for males to bring for the sports center?

    And are students allowed to go running anywhere else than on the track?

  7. Zach

    Is there any guys collegians that do anything with horses?

    • Sydney Paget

      Is there a guy’s collegian that does anything with horses?

  8. Sydney Paget

    From a student’s point of view, what is the hardest change, rule, or adjustment to get used to at college?
    What is the best or most fun thing about school?

  9. Astin Stephens

    I am looking at going here when I graduate high school. And will be in the work assistance program and someone said that when you are in that program you cannot go home except at Christmas. I wanted to see if this information was correct.

    • Astin, as a student in the work assistance program, you will work only during the semesters. You will arrive just a couple of days before other students each semester, and you will leave at the same time as most other students at the end of the semester.

      There are opportunities for work during interterm and the summer, but those have to be applied for separately. Even if you choose to participate in the summer or interterm work programs, you would still get two weeks off at Christmas and one week off in the summer.

  10. Jordan

    Are any video games allowed in the residence hall? If so what are some of the games you are allowed to play?

    • Jordan, you are not able to bring gaming systems such as Nintendo or Playstation, but you can have games on your computer. You should not bring games rated mature or adult. Regardless of rating, any games containing graphic violence, sensual or demonic themes, suggestive dress, foul language, or gambling are not allowed.

  11. Catherine Stevens

    Hello, I am from Minnesota. I hear that it rains a lot down there in Florida, Are there mosquitoes down there? If so what are the mosquitoes like?
    How exactly does the Work Assistance Program work?

    In Christ,
    Matthew 6:34

    • Hi Catherine!

      Well, it does rain occasionally in Florida, but we have over 300 days of sunshine each year here in Pensacola. When it does rain, it’s typically heavy, but usually doesn’t last long. We do have some mosquitoes, but they usually aren’t too bad around our area.

      Students in the Work Assistance program work 8-20 hours each week during the school year. All money that is earned goes directly to the student’s college account to help pay for college. Students can earn $1,720 – $4,300 per year.

  12. Tim

    If I were to take youth ministies, I heard that you need to learn a second language. If I already new second language would I have to take those classes. If not would I need to take a test to prove that I know a second language.

    • Thanks for your great question, Tim! Youth ministries does require that you take two semesters of foreign language. Even if you know a second language, you still need to complete that requirement. We offer Spanish and French, so you should choose one of those that you’re not already familiar with. You could also choose to take Greek if you’d like.

  13. Ana

    Is a laptop optional to bring or is it necessary? Does it depend on the major I take?

    • It’s not necessary to bring a laptop, but it certainly is convenient! For those who choose not to bring a laptop, we have 8 computer labs on campus in which they can complete class projects.

  14. Justin

    How many different Collegian sports are available for guys?

    • Collegians sports include soccer, tennis, volleyball, softball, basketball, table tennis, track and field, bowling, swimming, racquetball, wallyball, broom ice hockey, water polo, sailing, kayaking, golf, and men’s flag football. Any member can volunteer for his collegian’s teams, and there is a championship in each sport. Winning a sports championship earns points toward an overall collegian sports championship at the end of the year.

  15. Ana

    When you choose a collegian at the beginning of your freshman year, do you stay stay with that same collegian for all your other years at college?

    • Yes, Ana, you would be part of that collegian for your entire college career. Collegians are a great opportunity to make long-term friends at college!

  16. Barbara

    #1 I was just wondering what I should bring as far as general stuff, not clothes, but other room furnishings. #2 Also, I read about the music restrictions for Pensacola. What type of music is allowed?#3 Also, when do you find out who your roomates are? #4 My parents probably wont be able to bring me to college the first time. Does the college provide a shuttle from the airport? I have plenty more questions, but I wont overwhelm you guys right now. Thanks

    • Barbara, your enrollment advisor can send you a list of recommended items to bring to PCC – just email her and ask for that list!

      You can find information about our music policy in the Pathway, our student resource guide. Visit to read the Pathway and learn about college life, including our music policy.

      You will find out your room assignment and your roommates when you arrrive on campus. If you know someone else on campus, you can request a roommate as well – just let your enrollment advisor know. We start taking roommate requests for the fall semester on June 1.

      We do provide shuttles from the airport at the start of the semester! Just contact your advisor a few weeks before to let us know your flight information, and we’ll have someone waiting for you when you arrive at the airport.

      We’d be glad to answer any other questions you may have!

  17. Kristie

    Does the college allow students to do video school over interterm for a class? And also, is there a list of the classes that are offered over interterm and post-term. Thanks! My kids are student workers, and we thought maybe picking up some classes over interterm would enable them to keep a lighter school schedule during the semester because of all their work.

    • Sudents can take classes on campus during interterm and post-term, and can also take correspondence classes during the summer. The list of classes available is published about a month before the end of each semester. It would definitely be a great plan to keep their semester schedules a little lighter!

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