New Semester, New Memories

Hey everyone!

I hope you all had a great Christmas break—I know I did.  But it was good getting back to Florida.  There’s nothing like 75 degree weather in the middle of January, right?  It's tempting to go to the beach . . . but first things first.

I know you guys are probably trying to get all settled in with your schedules and classes. I am pretty excited about my classes this semester, although I was pretty intimidated when I picked up my giant Shakespeare book from the textbook sale.  That thing weighs a ton.

This is going to be a great semester.  I’m pumped to start watching our Eagles basketball games and start playing flag football.  I’m also really looking forward to meeting new people—and to all the new freshmen starting this semester, let me welcome you to the Campus Post!  Be sure to click around and read some of our previous blogs.  We’ll be putting stories up throughout the semester, so stay tuned!

We have some cool things planned this semester, including a vote on your favorite featured photos from last semester. If your picture did not make it into the final vote from last semester, be sure to take snapshots of your experiences this year.  You might just win the next competition!

Let’s make this semester a great one.  And remember: the future comes one day at a time.  Be sure to get the most out of every single day—it’s a time of your life that you will never experience again, so cherish the memories as you make them!

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  1. Darian Blankemeier

    It’s good to be back on campus. While I was at home, I kept asking my mom if there was something I was supposed to be doing, like a paper or project. (; It was nice to have a break though.

    I hope you have a good semester, Justin, and I hope the same to all other PCC students. I think the semester started out right with Mr. Lewis preaching the first week, so let’s put his messages into practice. Have a happy second week! (:

  2. Mr. Achuff

    I agree that the Shakespeare book is heavy, but it’s a great edition of his plays. I hope you enjoy reading Midsummer Night’s Dream!

    • Kaycee

      A Midsummer Night’s Dream and the Merchant of Venice are my personal favorites. Enjoy Shakespeare! 🙂

  3. EOD

    I liked the statement….”the future comes one day at a time!” Praying for you, the students and faculty at PCC!

  4. Mary

    While the semester has gotten off to a good start I am thankful for just being able to have had safe travels back to campus after I finally was able to get on a flight back. Snow is great and all but not when you need to get back for school though and 2 flight cancellations and a delay comming from Atlanta to Pensacola is enough to stress anyone out. But I am thankful that I got to PCC safely even though it was a bit later than planned. Now I can’t wait to see what I will learn this semester from each of my classes this semester.

    Have a good rest of semester to all of my fellow students. Study hard but always make sure that you make time for God.

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