My Rollicking Seafaring Adventure

Thanksgiving has come and gone—and so has Fine Arts.

A lot of people have been asking me what it was like being in Fine Arts for the first time.  Simply put:  it was awesome.

This Thanksgiving’s performance, H.M.S. Pinafore, has been quite the adventure for me.  I have never been in Fine Arts before—or a musical for that matter!  But wow.  I was sitting at rehearsal the other day when this thought crossed my mind:

This has been one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve ever had.

Sure, it required a lot of time and effort, but the fun I have had has been unreal.  I don’t think you can really grasp how much goes into a Fine Arts production unless you take part in one yourself.  It was an eye-opener for me, that’s for sure.

It’s amazing how the production came together, considering how long the road has been.  The journey began back in September when we began learning the music and memorizing our stage movements.  Mrs. Goncalves and Mr. Burke dedicated countless hours to the production, many of them into the late hours of the night.  Under their direction, the play consistently grew day by day, culminating in the final performances on Thanksgiving weekend.

The play was a comedy, so it was our job to make you guys laugh.  I hope that goal was accomplished!  I mean, c’mon, how funny was Dick Deadeye?  And how great was the set that Stage Crew put together?

I have been asked how I was able to handle a double-major class load and Fine Arts at the same time.  Honestly, I have to attribute that all to God.  I’ll be the first to admit that I have been under tremendous pressure this entire semester, but I firmly believe that pressure makes an individual stronger.  Pressure to do well in classes, pressure to practice for the play, pressure to succeed.  Like a diamond in the earth, pressure makes the ordinary extraordinary. And this has certainly been an extraordinary semester for me.

While there is a certain amount of pressure involved, participating in Fine Arts comes with a great reward.  Satisfaction.  I felt like I was a part of a family—a camaraderie—and I met so many new people.  The friendships that I have made along the way were well worth it all.  But most importantly, being in Fine Arts makes you realize that you are part of something bigger.  Something bigger than yourself.  It was incredible to be with so many amazing people united under one effort: to use their gifts for God.

And that’s what life is really all about, right?  As Christians, we’re part of something bigger than ourselves.  And while doing what God has called us to do may include extraordinary pressure, God has a way of returning that with worthy rewards.

So if you have ever thought about participating in Fine Arts, don’t let the prospect of pressure hold you back!  Think of it as a necessary molding of your character.  A refining of your person.  Fine Arts will test you academically, physically, and spiritually—but the reward is well worth the effort.

And you never know how much fun you’ll have along the way!

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  1. Darian DePerte

    I loved Fine Arts! The whole production was amazing. All of the actors/actresses did a phenomenal job and the set was incredible. As I was sitting in my seat, I was thinking about what it would be like to be involved in one of those. I think I just may try out next time around. (;

  2. Abe Haven

    Justin, a big “thank you” to you and the rest of the cast for your valuable time and energy. Pinafore was a blast to watch. It was meant to be something light, fun, and silly. I took it as such and laughed the whole play. I especially liked the fight scene, with you almost tumbling off stage into the orchestra pit! Haha! Very smooth, bro! Good thing that guardrail was fastened securely!

  3. Joy Chapman

    I really enjoyed the Thanksgiving Fine Arts. You guys outdid yourselves because it was so funny. I am a freshman and I really hope that I get to see more of the Fine Arts that are as funny as this one. Thank you for putting in all the effort to make this one funny.

  4. Chrystianna Day

    This Fine Arts was my favorite so far. Gilbert and Sullivan have a unique style to their work and I thought that you all did a great job portraying the play the way it was intended. Just another example of how talented PCC’s students can be!

    Thank you for sharing!

  5. J.R

    Being in three productions myself, including fine arts, has made it a truth that I heard back in my teens. “It was work, up until the lights were on and the show began. Then it was fun.” I will always remember the joy that I had! Hopefully before my career here as an undergrad comes to an end, I will be in a few more productions. Hey! Like the man said. Be a part of something bigger.
    Take care of yourself Justin.

  6. Esther

    Justin, you so aptly described how I felt last semester when I was in my first fine arts. It was an incredible experience I wouldn’t trade for anything. Yes, it took work and dedication. But I learned so much more because of it. It was so much fun. And because of it, I grew spiritually from all the pressure of balancing school, work, and fine arts. It was a rewarding experience. I highly recommend participating in fine arts!

  7. Hannah Miller

    I definitely agree with you, Justin; Fine Arts was so amazing to be in. Being part of the Sisters, Cousins, and Aunts was so much fun. God has certainly been good to me in everything that He has done for me this semester. I have made many new friends and made so many memories that will stay with me for the rest of my life. Let me add my encouragement about being in Fine Arts; Go for it! And who knows what may happen, but you’ll never unless you try.

  8. John Loo

    Yes sir! Fine arts was awesome! It was great getting to be in it and have so much fun doing this production. Justin and I had a blast being sailors! Awesome pictures….

  9. Valerie Kazmierzak

    Yay for fine arts people! Justin, this article is great. Good Job! I cried so hard the last night of performance because it was probably my last pcc performance. 🙁 OH well. It was amazing while it lasted!

  10. Eric

    I didn’t like it!

    • Amy

      I thought they did an awesome job. Whether you’re into that genre or not, the people involved with the production were great. I’m always impressed with the quality that the PCC-produced Fine Arts have, and it’s part of our education to become aware of different genres.

  11. Zack

    I feel I have to agree with Eric

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