‘Twas the Lights Before Christmas

I’m a true Christmas lover. I take the nothing-Christmasy-before-Thanksgiving rule very seriously. It keeps Christmas special. As soon as Thanksgiving ended, I began singing Christmas songs constantly.

I love Christmas. Always have. I wasn’t the kind of kid that couldn’t just fall asleep on Christmas Eve. I was the kind that couldn’t fall asleep weeks before in anticipation of the big day. As soon as Boxing Day arrived, I always began a new countdown. 364 days left. Still do. I don’t think I’ll ever grow up.

You can imagine my excitement my freshman year when I heard about the Christmas Lights performance coming up. It was hard understanding everyone’s explanations of what it was. Pretty much all I was able to pick up was that it was some kind of musical performance, and the Christmas lights around the campus would be turned on. It had also been announced in chapel that there would be an extra treat at the performance.

The time for the performance rolled around, and my friends and I huddled together in front of the Varsity Terrace that Friday evening with thousands of other students. It was cold. I obliviously wore a sweater, ignorant of how chilly it can get in the Sunshine State in December. The performance began with the countdown to switch the Christmas lights on. The campus lit up with the lights all over the trees and bushes, and the surge of Christmas excitement had emerged. As soon as the caroling began, I could feel the amazingly warm feeling of Christmas blow throughout the campus (despite my violent shivering), seeming to snuff out every other care in the world. That kid-ish feeling that I get every year came back in a flash. I loved every moment of every Christmas song. Call me sappy. Bah humbug to you too. But seriously, how can anyone not absolutely love Christmas?

Then the mentioned extra treat came.

Those from Student life came on stage and started lip-synching to Alvin and the Chipmunks' "Christmas Don't Be Late." I was sore the next day from laughing. Sorry, I don’t have any clear pictures.

Since then, Christmas Lights has consistently been my favorite part of the school year. I’m definitely going to soak in every minute of my last one this Friday before I graduate. So don’t be a Scrooge! It starts at 5:25 on Varsity Terrace, but come early to get a good spot! Grab your Santa hats, come out, and enjoy it!

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  1. Tiffany

    The Christmas Lights Concert has always been my FAVORITE PCC tradition! :] Definitely something I’m going to miss when I graduate in May! So I know how you feel Chris–I’m going to make this last concert time the best time ever! Freshmen, sophomore, juniors, fellow seniors–don’t let this awesome opportunity to bond with friends and belt out Christmas carols (without looking funny) pass you by!!

    GO OUT THERE AND HAVE FUN! If you see an Asian with antlers and a Santa hat, that’s me!!! Feel free to say hey!

  2. Darian DePerte

    Christmas Lights sounds like so much fun! I’ve been hearing about it around campus for weeks now and can’t wait to experience it. (:

  3. Hil

    I can’t wait for Christmas lights tonight! I’m a freshman so this will be my first time. I’ve been looking forward to it since November.

  4. Victoria

    I remember that, and I agree with you, it’s definitely one of the best Christmas Lights ever!!! Thanks so much for the reminder! Have an awesome Christmas!

    • You’re very welcome! Have an awesome Christmas yourself!

  5. Chase's Girl

    I remember that first Christmas lights! ‘Twas hilarious!

    I enjoyed your article and some parts made me laugh. 😉

    Happy Christmas and Merry New Year to you (and to your lady too)!

    • Thanks! Yes, ’twas. Have a very happy Christmas too!

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