Poll: Turkey Bowl

Gobble Gobble! Do you like my turkey impression?

Yay, it's that time of year again! This Thursday (happy Thanksgiving!) is the annual Turkey Bowl soccer championship. It's also the time of year when I'm not the only bird on campus!

So I  gotta question for you. . .

A Stingray versus a Shark: who would win?

It's been an exciting soccer season!

The Turkey Bowl is at 12:45 on Thursday, with the pre-game activities beginning at 12:15.

Vote for who you think will win!

7 Responses

  1. Denise Lopez

    Honestly, I think a shark would eat a stingray. However, The Stingrays are going to take the vicory in this years Turkey Bowl. Seriously. GO STINGRAYS!!!!!

  2. Mary

    Go Stingrays!! I cannot wait for the Turkey Bowl this year, and may the best team win! (But of course, I will be rooting for the Stingrays… lol)

  3. Sequoia

    I am so excited to watch the game! GO Stingrays!

  4. Jim

    I think that the sharks just play better as a team. the stingrays have by far the most talent, but have not molded as well. Nonetheless, it will be a very good game between two very good teams. Go stingrays!!!

  5. Lauren

    Stingrays all the way!!

  6. Garrett

    Iota Chi – Til ya die! Go Stingrays!

  7. Becca Sensenig

    Under the sea theme this year, I like it. Go Stingrays!