The Bandaners

Do you like to try new things? I do! Last semester, four of my friends and I decided to challenge ourselves and go try something new at the Sports Center. To get ready for our grand challenge, we all piled into my friend’s car, went to Wal-mart, and bought bandanas to wear while we did our activities. We thought it would make us look more official. Once we had all picked out our favorite colored bandanas, we headed back to campus to begin our challenge. We went to our rooms, changed, rolled and tied our bandanas on like headbands, and headed off together as if we were going to go be in the Olympics.

Our first order of business once we arrived at the sports center was to go rock climbing on the rock wall! Out of the five of us, only one of my friends actually really knew what she was doing. So, she helped the rest of us put on our gear and tried her best to explain to us what to do. She went first to give us an example. One by one the rest of us tried the same wall.

I went second, and boy, was I scared!  My friend hooked me up to the belay; I took a couple of deep breaths, said a quick prayer, and headed up. I stretched, pulled, and lifted myself up, praying the whole way. Finally, I reached the top and felt such a mixture of relief and excitement.

After me, my friend Kelsey went. She is prissy and tends not to play sports, so we didn’t know how she would do. However, she shocked us all when she went straight to the top quickly and easily.

Next, my friend Ashley went. She is athletic, so we expected her to do very well. She did well on her way up, but when it was time to come down, she refused to jump and let the belay bring her down. There she was trying to climb back down the way she had gone up which isn’t easy to do. The whole time we were laughing and trying to coax her to jump. I felt like a little kid trying to get a cat out of a tree. It was definitely a priceless moment.

When she finally made her way down, my final friend VL went up. She is tall and very athletic, so the wall was a breeze for her.

After only two walls, and feeling very accomplished with those, we decided we were done with rock climbing. Our next order of business was rollerblading.

We headed up to the second floor of the Sports Center to start our latter excursion. First, we all grabbed our safety gear and started to put it on. It sounded much easier than it was. After what felt like an eternity, we finally got all of our gear on. Second, we gathered to take a picture of us all looking as if we were heading into a roller derby. Third, after a plethora of pictures, we headed to the actual roller rink. We all skated, raced, and tried to do tricks. We, of course, took more pictures of that, and just goofed off, having a ton of fun.

That finally wore us out, so we took off our gear and headed back down stairs to the main area of the Sports Center. We told all about our fun little excursion to everyone down there. It was definitely a success!

So if you ever have an opportunity to do something new around PCC or even just at home, do it! If you’re scared, just remember Phil.4:13 “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.” I urge you to take this challenge: Try one thing each day that scares you. You will be surprised to see how much you’ll grow!

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  1. Darian DePerte

    Awe, what a cute idea! Looks like you guys had a blast. (:

  2. Abe Haven

    Christy, I just had to laugh when I read this blog. (I’ll restrain from commenting on the whole bandana thing.) 🙂 I must say, however, that the part about your friend being too scared to simply lean back and trust the belay line is SO true. I did that my first time, and later (when I took the class for PE and was in the Annex alot) I saw countless people refuse to take the drop. Thanks for the fun blog and for highlighting some of PCC’s most awesome amenities!

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