Greek Rush: What It’s All About

Hello! My name is Justin, and this is my first article for the Campus Post.  I am looking forward to an exciting semester—and it is my intent to bring you along for the adventure!

As a junior at Pensacola Christian College, I was given the opportunity to serve as collegian president. With the position of collegian president came a number of responsibilities.  One of those responsibilities included the preparation of Greek Rush.

Greek Rush occurs during the first week of every fall semester.  The goal of Greek Rush is to give incoming freshmen an opportunity to see the various collegians at Pensacola Christian College.

Choosing which collegian to join can be a daunting task.  How do you know which one to join?  The collegian you choose will be yours for your entire college career—so choose wisely. Before Greek Rush begins, freshmen are given a card on which they will select their top five choices.  Selections are granted on first-come "need" basis--meaning that once a certain collegian is full, you may be placed in other collegians written on your card.  This emphasizes the importance of choosing your five selections wisely.

Greek Rush kicks off on the first Friday night of classes.  During this time all of the collegians will be present at their booths.  The booths are typically decorated with various themes that usually include games, food, and depictions of their collegian mascot.

Here are some tips for freshmen to follow during Greek Rush:

  • Visit the booths! This is your chance to visit each collegian and see what they have to offer.  The presentation of a booth will inform you of that collegian’s spirit.
  • Ask questions!  Don’t be afraid to talk to the college students around the booths.  If you are seeking a collegian with a specific focus, be sure to ask them what they are all about.
  • Avoid stereotypes!  Some collegians are characteristically known for excelling at a certain aspect of collegian life—such as sports.  But just because a collegian is known as “the sports collegian” does not mean that is all the collegian has to offer!  Most collegians are involved in a myriad of activities.  Whether it’s Christian service, music, or sports—you can find amazing opportunities wherever you look.

After the booths, the collegians will attempt to make a lasting statement in the grand finale: The Greek Rush Parade!  This is a fun time to laugh (and cheer) at whatever the collegians decide to do.  Common sights include fire trucks, police cars, sports cars, motorcycles, and thousands of screaming college students.  Oh—and candy.

Ultimately the purpose of Greek Rush is to kick the college year off with a bang.  Freshmen will surely find that the collegian life at Pensacola Christian College is unique.  The friends you make within your collegian will be some of your closest friends at college.  And it has been said many times before: the friends you make at college will be kept for life.

If you want to learn more about Greek Rush or collegian life at PCC, be sure to check out the tags at the bottom of this post.

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  1. Lauren Marvin

    Where is the slide show?

    • If you click the link in the third paragraph, it should take you to the slide show of Greek Rush.

  2. Shannon Wood

    I can’t wait for Greek Rush! I will be a freshman next year, and I’m so excited to go to PCC!! I’m not sure how I’m going to make it through one more year of high school. =) To all the students at PCC, what is the best girls collegian and why (what is it known for)?

    • Hollianne Johnson

      The BOBCATS!!!! Sigma Beta Rho! We were the collegian of the year and sports collegian of the year for 2010-2011! Bobcats Rule! The Bobcats get involved in many different collegian opportunities, especially sports, Bobcat girls’ night, and Christian service. We had an amazing stag outing (a whole night just dedicated to fun and Bobcat memories) where we could just relax and get to know each other even better. Hope to see some new Bobcat members! =)

      • Karisa Messinger

        I am hopfully going to be coming to PCC next fall!! I will be looking for a collegian that does a lot of sports because I love sports! So, the Bobcats is one I will be looking for!!=)

    • Lauren Marvin

      The Hurricanes is the best girls collegan because we are all about serving the Lord and having fun. In everthing from sports to collegan meeting its focuses on the Lord, and this is why we can lose a soccer game, but still keep our focus.
      Go hurricanes!!!!

  3. Lizzy

    This article was great but as a incoming freshman this would of been very helpful had it been posted before Greek Rush, but other than that I enjoyed reading it.

  4. Michael O'Donnell

    Great blog!

  5. ck stromstad

    definitly, I love Greek Ruch. There is so much stuff to do and to see! also in perspective of a photography it is very enjoyable!

  6. Lara C.

    As a Pensacola Christian college student that has had the wonderful experience of enjoying campus life and pursuing a dedicated walk with the Lord, it is my personal opinion that as students who want to truly follow the Lord’s will for their life; prayer, devotions, and Bible study should be considered before other secular and wordly traditions such as “Greek Rush.” I would recommend a student body decision to support organized Bible studies to focus on Biblical values and world ethics to promote a more spiritual atmosphere on campus. Live, Learn, Grow!

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