It’s Contagious

I absolutely love everything about summer break! And quite honestly, going back to school was not on top of my list! That is, until I came on campus. There is such an excitement and contagious energy around campus. As I walked around, I smiled (and laughed) as I remembered all the awesome memories that I have made here during my three years of college. About every building I went to, I met up with classmates, teachers, and friends I had not seen all summer. I remembered my mailbox combination (I’d better – I am a senior!). And little things such as receiving a bunch of memos in my mailbox, getting my new ID card, registering for classes, and going to the Palms Grille for coffee with friends have really gotten me excited for college to start.

Catching up with old friends has been so much fun, but better yet has been meeting new students! Students have been coming from all over the world to study such a variety of majors. I am so excited for what the Lord is doing and will do this year with the student body at PCC. We have many exciting days ahead… opening revival meetings with Pastor Redlin, first day of classes, Greek Rush, collegian sports, opportunities to get involved in Christian service and the Campus Church, and so much more! As I start my senior year and remember back to my very first day of college, I can testify that the Lord has been so good and faithful to me. He will be to you too. May we glorify His name in all we do!

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  1. Hannah

    This year definitely has a lot of energy. Everyone is excited about catching up with friends and getting to know new ones. I’m a senior too and looking forward to starting this year. Leticia was actually in my 1st college class and she’s right – God is faithful.

  2. Colin

    Hey, Leticia, I’m a freshman this year, so I’m not that accustomed to college life, yet. But I must say that a wave of excitement overwhelmed me as I drove onto campus and took in all the sights!! The spirit of the campus certainly IS contagious. I can’t wait to get started and to see the work that the Lord will do this year at PCC!!

    • Lauren Marvin

      Don’t worry give it a week and you will feel like you have done this all your life and you will know exactly were to be and when without looking at the schedule.

      This year is going to be great, especially with Pastor McBride preaching. He is amazing!

  3. Nathan

    All I have to say is that I know the Colin who left a comment.

    • Bethany

      All I have to say is that I know the Nathan that knows the Colin that left the comment. 🙂

  4. Beth Hottel

    I have been working on campus all summer long, so I only was away for a week when I went home. I enjoyed being here Father used this summer to grow me and to teach me a lot. I also had the privilege to work with one of my friends and our friendship got a lot tighter we cleaned the library every day and enjoyed the time we spent working and were together. I’m very happy and excited to see PCC coming back to life again I look forward to making more friends and memories during the school year.

    • Rebekah

      I worked the summer too. It is so much different with all the people here! Summer was amazing, and the Lord worked in mysterious and wonderful ways, but it is nice to get back to school, which is, after all, what I’m here for! There is definitely a better spirit on campus this semester, and since this is my senior year, I am so excited to see what God is going to do to make my last year here even better than the last 3. And trust me freshmen, pretty soon it will all be familiar and almost like a second home. Enjoy!

    • Paige Mueller

      So true Beth so true. You do get know people alot better in the summer time than you would in the semester.

  5. Jake


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