Through Willing Hearts

This past week I had the opportunity to minister as one of the song leaders for Teen Extreme, a camp here at PCC. Before the week started, many of the camp staff spent several hours preparing for camp, both mentally and spiritually. We were excited to see what the Lord would do with the week, not only because it was supposed to be our biggest week of camp, but also because the speaker was none other than Dr. Kenneth Baldwin from Crossroads Baptist Church in Virginia.

We prayed that God would do something amazing, something great—and that's just what He did. I have never seen so many teens make decisions for Christ! The Lord really blessed during the services and invitations, and I saw many teens begin following Him, and many young men and ladies answer the call to serve Him full time. It is truly amazing to see what God can do through willing hearts.

Other camps are also going on right now, or will soon begin. Music Academy begins in a couple weeks, as well as Basketball Camps, Cheerleading and Volleyball Camps, Nursing Camp, Engineering and Science Camp—and the list goes on. I would encourage you to check some of these camps out; there's one for everyone! Camps are available for grades 9–12, and some of them are only one week so if you're interested be sure to check soon. Thanks for reading, and I hope to see you around campus this summer!

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  1. Paige Mueller

    This last week was one of the craziest weeks we have had on campus. I can’t believe that so many young people went down to get saved the last night Kenny Baldwen was here. Not only did teens go down but also college students.

  2. Becca Sensenig

    Kenny Baldwin spoke at an International Convention for ACE schools many times before and he is my favorite speaker. God speaks through him to grab your heart and really listen to the message. Kenny also has a hilarious sense of humor and loves the Lord. I wish that I could’ve heard him speak again at my college.

  3. Christina Paz

    Though these services are part of Teen Extreme, college students like me had the privilege of attending them as well. It was such a huge blessing to hear his messages, see his love for the Lord and to not only see floods of teens go to the alter but college students as well. Definitely a week that will stand out in my heart and mind years from now.

  4. Mrs. Hannah Jekel

    Like Christina Paz mentioned, these services were for Teen Extreme. However, the church family also had the privilege to hear Dr. Baldwin speak in church on a Wednesday night. The message was truely a blessing and encouragment from heaven.

  5. Annie

    Working Teen Extreme these last four weeks has blessed so many young people and definitely impacted all of the counselors hearts. Josh, you added specialness to the invitations when you sang People Need the Lord. We miss hearing you, thanks for serving the King.

  6. avery andrews

    I went to church camp last year and had an amazing time I learned so much from the speaker Kenny Baldwin. I mite a lot of new people and I plan on coming back with more of my friends so we all can enjoy loving and praising GOD’s name.

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