Summer Bible Club Ministry

Hi! My name is Leah, and I am a summer worker here at PCC. I was so excited to discover that the campus does not shut down when school lets out; on the contrary, there is so much to do and so many things to get involved in! One of the things I love is all of the ministry opportunities that we students have. The possibilities are endless, ranging from visiting nursing homes, to singing in the choir, to helping in the Children’s Church puppet show…or if you are in for some real excitement, you could always join one of the outdoor Bible clubs. This ministry is geared at reaching children in the community by bringing “Sunday school” to them.

Our afternoons usually go something like this: our driver drops us off, and then we walk around the neighborhood gathering children to take to the park. Jackie, our leader, makes sure we have plenty of water, which we pass out as soon as we arrive at the park. One of the highlights for the children is song time, and they will often beg to help “lead” their favorites. Then everyone settles down to listen to the Bible story, which is followed by a captivating missionary story. We finish things up by playing a game and passing out candy. It is all pretty straightforward.

Then there always is the unexpected, like this past Sunday. Our driver was unable to make it, so 3 of us girls set out with undaunted spirits for the 15-minute walk to Bible club. Upon getting everyone together and arriving at the park, one of the kids announced that it looked like it was going to rain. As the sky ominously darkened, we hurried the children under the pavilion to start our Bible lesson. But it appeared that we had lost someone....One of the little girls decided she would rather be on the playground instead of participating. No amount of coaxing could convince her otherwise, so I breathed a prayer heavenward, hoping for some help. At that instant a loud clap of thunder shook the sky, BOOM! My little friend stopped in her tracks. Her wide eyes and frightened face told me she was no longer interested in playing! Laughing, we ran to join everyone else, but unfortunately, our Bible class was now over as the children scattered to make it home before the rain started falling!

Once we had seen everyone safely home and made it back to campus, we all agreed that it was a rather exciting adventure.  And I, for one, cannot wait to see what the rest of the summer is going to hold!

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  1. Alycia Hendrickson

    Is there some where that all the Christian services are listed with their times and contact info?

    • You can find a list of the Christian service activities (including times and contact info) on Eagle’s Nest, under the Campus Info tab at the top of the page. In addition, a list of the Christian service activities is posted on the Field House mall bulletin board and on the residence hall bulletin boards.

  2. Ashley Caldwell

    Leah, thank you for giving us a peak into your summer. I’m glad you are able to use the time to do more outreach! Only a few more weeks before we all come back. I’m looking forward to hearing your summer stories. =)

  3. Annie

    Leah, Thanks so much for sharing your heart with us this summmer. Thanks also for wearing a smile away from the cameras.

  4. Christian

    Bible Clubs are definitely a blessing! I went to Brentwood Bible Club this summer, and it was a lot like the one you went to. The kids love it! It really does have a great impact on the kids’ lives. Sometimes, it’s the only “church” that they experience. Thanks for this post! Keep up the good work!

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