Smile, It’s SUMMIT Time!

The school year is finally coming to an end, and it’s time to start gathering up your friends to snap some photos, exchange phone numbers, and have one last laugh as you remember all the moments you’ve shared together this year. Oh yeah! And sign yearbooks like crazy!

I was so proud to receive my very first yearbook as a freshman in college! I didn’t realize until I had opened the Summit and saw my freshman class that I would feel such a sense of accomplishment! Immediately, I felt a close bond with my fellow classmates because I had finally grasped that we had done it! Whoa! We had completed our very first year of college! The 2011 yearbook will be a great reminder to not only freshmen, but to all the students who have accomplished so much this year.

The Summit is filled with people and memories I never want to forget. And since I’ll have it as a keepsake, I will never lose the precious moments of college life! Having this yearbook is so awesome because there are snap shots of moments that I would’ve normally forgotten. The funny moments during Student Body, the snow at Christmas Lights, and the creative, yet crazy upperclassmen at Greek Rush are just examples of moments that could possibly slip away. Those are moments that count! Real living is finding joy in every little minute of the day. My encouragement to the student body is to live every moment with the joy of Christ shining in you! You will want those pictures to remind you of joyful moments -- not busy days. So remember to be thankful for the moments God allowed you to experience as you flip through your yearbook!

(I’m, also, very grateful to the PCC students who worked so hard putting this colorful yearbook together! The yearbook staff did a spectacular job designing, photographing, writing, and editing the Summit. Thank you all so much for the time and effort you have put into making the perfect “college souvenir”!)

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  1. Greg

    Hold onto that yearbook, because in ten years it will mean even more to you. I recently flipped through one of my PCC yearbooks from 10 years ago, and just seeing the faces of people I recognized took me back to fond memories on campus.

  2. Jenn Garelick

    This years yearbook is the best I’ve seen yet!! The yearbook staff always does a great job keeping our memories alive!!

  3. Darian DePerte

    Wow, I didn’t know PCC made yearbooks!! This is great! (:

  4. Julie Hunter

    It is so nice to be an the end of another school year! The year book this year was great!! It is nice way to keep memories and show your family all that has gone on this past year!! Signing year books is one of my favorites!!!!

  5. Janelle

    The yearbook staff did an amazing job this year! The turquoise color was a great choice. Good job Summit!!

  6. Paige Mueller

    Getting yearbooks is one of the best things to get at the end of the school year because it means that we surived yet another year of school.

  7. Jessica Ross

    i totally agree!..i was soo excited to get my very first PCC yearbook! i didnt realize i knew soo many people! lol

  8. Shawnah Kamakawiwoole

    I always love getting my yearbook!! It makes me happy! 🙂 And yes, the staff did an awesome job putting it all together. Good times and good memories! What a blessing!!

    • Lauren Marvin

      Thats right the year book was a blast and all the different people signing it was great and just completed my college year.

      Thanks to all who signed my yearbook

  9. Rachel

    Yearbooks are definitely the highlight of my year! I think the best part about yearbooks is getting your friends to sign it. This is my third yearbook and I always enjoy going back and reading all the things my friends said the year before. I usually get a good laugh, but the memories are unforgettable. =D

  10. Abe Haven

    Yearbooks are also a great way to remember people who have since left college–people who you don’t see on a weekly basis. Since I always remember faces, but sometimes forget the connection, I like to write below the face how I know them. It makes for a treasure trove of memories. Looking back now to my freshman yearbook I can say, “Oh, yeah, that was the guy who would crack us up in HI 101…”

    • Rachel

      or….”that was the guy that sat behind me in MA 111.” ; ) You are so right, Abe. The memories from friends that sign your yearbook are definitely worth it, not just now, but ten years down the road!

  11. Kelly

    Thanks so much for the comments about the yearbook. I am a member of the Summit staff. We enjoyed so much putting this years Summit together for you guys. If you’ve never been on yearbook staff, you should consider it next spring. It’s loads of fun and it’s amazing to watch it come together.

  12. Kristen King

    Woot woot! What a good job the Summit Staff did this year! It is so much fun to get in that big long line (or short line, if you go early enough…;) It’s a lot of fun getting everybody to sign it, and looking through it, laughing at all the memories in there. Good job guys!

  13. Katie Goolsby

    Thanks for telling us about how your year was and how your yearbook made you happy. I am a Senior in High School I am homeschooled using ABEKA. I will start college next August.(2012) Thanks for writting, and thanks for reading this post. Bye. I hope you have a great year and i hope I can meet you.

  14. Kayla

    Thanks for telling about your experiences at PCC. I can’t wait to see the college next spring and hopefully be a freshman nursing student in 2012.

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