It is All a Matter of Perspective

Last weekend, my classmates and I had the opportunity to present the Dramatic Production Early American Life to the student body. Our production featured pieces from American literature such as "The Boom in the Calaveras Clarion," "Man without a Country," "The Death of the Hired Man," and several other short stories.

The class, Intro to Dramatic Production, is a hands-on opportunity to learn about the different aspects of putting on a production. Our class learned how to hang and set lights, build flats for a background, direct, stage manage, advertise, costume, and makeup. It was a wonderful experience and I look forward to taking the second part of the class next spring!

Dramatic Production (also known as DP on campus) is TONS of fun, but it is also a significant amount of hard work. For many weeks, it seemed like nothing was coming together. The background was taking forever to paint. The scenes we were directing were missing the magical “it” factor that directors are always looking for. We couldn’t get everything done fast enough…and it was frustrating! Many times I would come back to my dorm late at night wondering if the production would ever come together. However, God always knows when His children need some encouragement. One day during a class last month, my teacher noticed that I seemed particularly worried and bothered. As I explained what was going on with DP, she told me something that completely changed my perspective. She explained that she always referred to productions as being “faith builders.”  I immediately knew what she meant, and more importantly, I knew God was trying to teach me that I needed to trust Him to pull the production together, no matter how impossible it seemed.

My attitude toward DP began to change after that discussion. I started to realize that DP was not on my shoulders, but on God’s shoulders. And you know what…God showed Himself in an amazing way! He blessed our efforts. Not only did the cast and crew have a great time together, but I think the audience truly enjoyed themselves. God took our feeble efforts and used them to make a production that could reflect glory back to Him. It is incredible how much life can change when you adjust your perspective. When DP became a “faith builder” instead of a trial, I was able to see God work through the hardships and obstacles. I guess life really is all a matter of perspective!

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  1. Laura Howell

    Yay for DP! You didn’t get everyone in the pic, tho. Must’ve been taken b/n smiling moments. lol I really enjoyed watching every piece grow grow and flourish into a wonderful production. Great job directing, Megan; and a fantastic job to the DP class for giving us a spectacular look at our American literary history. 🙂

    P.S.~ Love Jaynie’s face in the center. *haha* She’s so cute!

  2. Josiah Royer

    Thanks for posting that megan! Really encouraging!

  3. Hollianne Johnson

    All I can say is “Wow!” DP was incredible! The selection of plays and stories that were performed were so amazing! The hard work that you put in was worth it – so worth it! – and God definitely blessed in the end. People were talking about DP the whole week and the talent displayed was so entertaining. It helped us students get away from the hectic life of college, even just for a little while. Thank you for all the hard work! I can’t wait until the next one!!!

  4. Leticia

    Although I have been at PCC for 3 years now…this was my first DP! I absolutely loved it!!! Congratulations to all the directors:) Although my major is not in speech, I was able to take a little part in the DP by helping to iron the costumes at a workday. It was really interesting seeing how things work behind the scenes! I really appreciate that auditions for dramatic productions at PCC are open to all students..So..if you enjoy this stuff but are majoring in something can still get involved!

  5. Jessica Ross

    DP was really good! i enjoyed it very much! “Great Job!” to all the cast!

  6. Kaycee

    I love DP! I’ve been to every one except for “The Mouse Trap” because it sold out every time I tried to get tickets. Great job on this DP, guys! Looking forward to next years!

  7. April

    Megan, thanks for sharing your “perspective!” DP was a lot of fun, and being in the cast I could see some of the hard work put in by you as directors. What a difference perspective makes! I am definitely going to carry that thought with me into next semester as I begin my internship at PCA! 🙂

  8. Kristen

    DP was definitely a faith-builder for me, as well…as a Freshman Nursing major, I had a TON on my plate during the time that rehearsals and “run-throughs” were going on, and I was tempted to despair, feeling like I would NEVER get all my assignment done on time! But God was so good and gave me blessings every week that just helped me make it through and get everything turned in on time and still manage to find time to study! And when it was all over, I felt like I had REALLY accomplished something! I had a great time with everyone involved in DP, such a talented group of people, and the lessons I learned will go with me forever…I definitely won’t look back on Freshman year and regret that I didn’t “get involved”! 🙂 Thank you, DP class and teachers, for making it a rewarding experience for the cast!

  9. Mary Beth

    I could not agree with you more Megan. I have definitely learned a great lesson in faith and God’s provision. When I put on the headset for the 1st production, I could feel all my worries and fears being replaced with a feeling of excited anticipation to see how God would bless the production. Thank you for sharing this with everyone and allowing them to have a little insight into the frustrating wonder of theater 🙂

  10. Kate

    You all did an amazing job! I enjoyed the production greatly:)

  11. Erika Miller

    So… Everyone out there.. let me just tell you, Megan was a FANTASTIC director!!! She was so encouraging and loving.. even with occasional meltdowns on my part! As a part of her cast, I can honestly say that she is amazing!!

  12. Peter Moline

    Amen, Megan! I can remember being a cast member in DP and seriously wondering if everything was going to come together by the performance date, but every time God came through and things went great.

  13. Emily Arnhart

    DP was amazing! My friends talked me into going last minute and I was so glad I did. Y’all did a wonderful job! 🙂

  14. Debi Overstreet

    Okay, now I really wish that I had gone to see it. I remember all those late nights and I always felt so bad for you. I’m so glad that everything turned out right! =D


    I know just what you mean about productions that seem to never want to come together, but somehow, they do come together on opening night.

    For example, my freshman year, I was involved in a DP… The Happiest Millionaire. For our “preview performance” just two days before opening night, our stage was incomplete. Literally. The front door to the “house” was held up by a few weak tacks and the “stained-glass window” was non-existent. As i recall, the stairway banister was unpainted, and there were portions of our walls that were still wet with paint. On top of it all, our lead actor, Nick, was getting a sore throat!!!

    BUT… God worked. He allowed us to get everything finished within the next two days. And in my opinion, it was the best DP we’ve had in recent years!

    Dontcha just *love* faith-builders?

  16. Joanna McFarland

    Everyone who participated in DP did a very good job! It was full of energy and excitement. Im glad I went! Good Job especially to Megan and the other directors and also to the cast and crew.

  17. Abe Haven

    DP was AMAZING this semester! It was so cool to see the final product after watching ya’ll practicing day in and day out. I was especially impressed by the quality of the production considering that most of the actors were first-timers (for college plays, anyway). Looks like we have some young talent! A big thank you to everyone involved for a wonderful Saturday afternoon and great memories.

  18. Lauren Zacharias

    I loved being involved in DP! I was on the stage crew, and even though I was only involved for two weeks, I learned a lot and got to know a lot of people. I would encourage anyone who wants to get involved but doesn’t like to act to work on the stage crew. There was more than enough time to goof off back stage, and it was also fun to encourage the cast members before their scenes. I appreciate the hard work that everyone put into the production. You guys did a great job!

  19. Rachel

    Wow! I really needed that today…right now in fact. God is SO faithful to give us exactly what we need right when we are at our very weakest. Being at college has definitely taught me that lesson….and obviously I am still learning it :). Why do I get so worried over things I cannot (and don’t have to!!) control anyway? His grace is truly sufficient, and HIS strength is made PERFECT in my weakness!

  20. Breana

    I just wanted to say AMAZING job everyone! My friend surprised me with tickets for my birthday, and I have to say that it was one of the best, if not the best present I received.:)

  21. Lauren Marvin

    I’m sure DP was great although I was on class cuts the week of it. One of the girs that I worked with at PCA Hannah Reyes, I’m sure did a wonderful job although she had little to no voice that week .

    Great job everyone.

  22. Lauren Marvin

    I’m sure DP was great although I was on class cuts the week of it. Hannah Reyes, who I work with at PCA I’m positive did a wonderful job, although she had little to no voice during the week of DP

    Great job HANNAH REYES!!!!!!

  23. Rachel - 2007 Grad

    So many of my favorite college memories involve DP. I went to almost every one over my 4 years of college and thoroughly enjoyed each one. My favorites were the “Tell Me a Story” productions (Christmas Stories, Fairy Tales, Scary Stories…. etc.) Definitely worth the standing in line for tickets! Now that I’ve graduated, I still try to make as many DP’s as I can and they never disappoint!

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