It Is Up to You!

All of us writers for the Campus Post have enjoyed blogging the past couple of weeks about some exciting events around our campus, and there certainly are a lot of things going on every day at Pensacola Christian College. But college is more than stag outings and picnics. While those events add to the fun of college life, they are not the reason I came to college. I chose to attend PCC in order to acquire a great education.

But what does acquiring a great education entail? First, the administration must be on the same page for the academic goals of the college. There is not a doubt in my mind that the administration at PCC is constantly working to make the school better academically. They are a unified whole that keeps helping the school improve. Second, the college must be staffed with godly and excellent teachers. This is another area in which PCC excels. The teachers at this institution are among some of the best teachers one could ever ask for. Multiple professors have changed my life during the course of my three years here!

There is one more ingredient in acquiring a great education, and it is simply YOU, the student. If there is a single thing I have learned during my time at PCC, it is that I will get as much out of my education as I put into it. Homework, projects, speeches, research papers—none of the things I listed are necessarily “fun,” but it is the time I put into each of those things that will prepare me for the future God has called me to. Each project, each paper, each book read can be an immense help to me if I choose to do them to the best of my abilities. Sometimes my best falls short, but then a teacher comes up beside me and helps me learn how to do better. The school can do everything, provide wonderful administration and staff, but your education is your choice!

Many of you reading this are going to be attending college soon or you are a college student already. It is easy to complain about homework and projects, but would you really learn anything without work? Each of you wants to obtain a good quality education, one that will be helpful and beneficial to you in the future. Just remember, it is up to YOU to acquire a great education!

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  1. Abe Haven

    Once again, Megan, you’re spot on! I absolutely love our administrators and faculty members here, but the real work rests upon the student–and rightfully so. Being a college student quickly teaches one self-discipline, time management, and responsibility. College certainly is more difficult than high school, but if YOU make up your mind to succeed–with God’s help–you are well on your way to conquering any academic giant you face. Stick to it and hang in there fellow students! Only three weeks left! Finish strong!!

  2. Darian DePerte

    Thank you so much for this post. I’m definitely saving this and bringing it with me this Fall! (: I know this will definitely motivate me to do my homework, study for that final, write that paper, or whatever I have to do. Thank you! (:

  3. Bonnie

    The greatest lesson I have learned from my college experience so far is that “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.” -Phil. 4:13
    If you’re not sure you can handle the academics of college, don’t worry about it!! Trust in God, because He’s the one that will get you through!

    • Karisa Messinger

      Right On!! All anyone can do is Trust God! He knows whats best for you. Thank you for that Bonnie, I far to often forget that=)

      • Rachel Smith

        I agree you you!

    • Lauren Marvin

      Thats right this week has just been amazing, I have seen God work in ways that I could not have even dreamed up.

      Many situations were arising and I was stressing trying to get even thing done and God just sort of just told me “I have it all under control why are you worring about it anyway.”

      God is so good we just need to trust Him with ever thing.

      Lesson learned: Trust God it makes your life a whole lot easier!!

  4. Debi

    It’s not just up to me! I couldn’t do a thing without God. He’s the only reason I survived Advanced Grammar! But yes, the attitude and work that the student puts into the project is a major part of the college experience.

  5. Hollianne Johnson

    How true this is!!! PCC has some of the best teachers in the world! You can tell that they care more about you and your walk with God than your grades or success in your field. This is one of the biggest motivators for me: knowing that someone wants me to succeed even if I don’t want to learn the huge chart a teacher has instructed me to memorize! God’s love abounds at PCC through the teachers and friends that God has allowed me to have. How blessed I am! If anyone does end up reading this post, I just want to encourage you to keep going – don’t give up! Even though Joshua had no idea what he was doing leading the huge number of Israelites into the Promised Land, he knew that he just had to trust God and He would take care of the rest. Whatever you do, keep your focus on God and what He has for you. No matter what new territory God has for you to possess, He will give you the strength and courage to face the task that He has set before you. All glory be to God!!! Joshua 1:5-9

    • Jessica Ross

      hey hollianne!:) i agree, i loove the teachers here! i amm soo blessed to be here too! im soo thankful to God for the many people i have met so far!…thanks for the encouragement:) thanks for a being a great friend as well!;)

    • Rachel Smith

      Did you go to Nursing camp this last summer with Cassandra as one of the leaders? If so, I remember you from that and how you were going to attend PCC. I kept thinking about you this year, and wanted to let you know that I am coming there this fall to attend school, and it would be great to meet up agian!

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